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Bio Articles in Print

"I've been waiting half my life
to tell somebody about Leslie Goldman.
Always figured I'd wait for some
desperate moment.  Now its here."
---Bob Baker,
Los Angeles Times Magazine

The Enchanted Gardener Comes to Montecito
by Paul Froemming

Do you remember, a lifetime ago, when Nat King Cole
had a hit song called "Nature Boy"?  It told about
"a strange, enchanted boy" who wandered far,
very far, and when he met you, he taught you
many things.

I've met that boy, or someone very much like him,
and he is now a man known as the Enchanted Gardener.
Our encounter took place, appropriately,
amid the beautiful gardens of Casa de Maria,
at the top of El Bosque Road in Montecito.
The occasion was the Summer Health Classics Conference.

On the schedule was a session with the
Enchanted Gardener.  Strolling onto
the patio with a fresh cup of herbal tea in
nand, I pulled up a chair and joined his circle.
I may never be the same.

The speaker was an energetic man in
a blue jumpsuit, surrounded by living plants.
Leslie Goldman, the Enchanted Gardener,
is a national recognized speaker who,
for 18 years, has been teaching now to
grow the Enchanted Garden, his name for
a new, reborn Mother Earth.

 Soon he is leading the group in writing
down seeds of dreams we want to see grow
in our lives.  He symbolizes these by having
each of us plant a smooth, round seed
of Job's Tears into fresh earth.  We receive
a second see to plant at home.

"Through Flowers, live herbs, and whole foods
present and circulating through our daily lives,"
Leslie tells us,  "we can help the world grow
healthy and beautiful from the ground up.
The earth can be come an Enchanted Garden."

Leslie Goldman moves with joyful energy,
but with stiffness in his upper body.  He has to
recline backwards to sit in an ordinary chair.
This man who travels widely, teaches, gardens,
and happily dances was once severly crippled
by an arthritis condition known as ankylosing
spondalitis, which greatly immobilized his joints.

Books for the Healing of Mother Earth

Leslie's new-found mobility has inspired
him to write numerous books and move
them toward publication. Plant Your Dream!
is a book of poetry and life wisdom;
Joe the Farmer is a true story of a family
of organic farmers; Words Men Need to Know,
and Women want to Hear appears on Poetry Plaques.
 These Poetry Plaques are an invitation for each
and every person to be the World's Greatest
Lover for Mother Earth through creating more harmony
between men and women.   The poetry is intended
to be read outloud.

Plant Your Dream, with an endorsement
from Mark Victor Hansen, describes
the organic steps to grow the Enchanted
Garden and become
an Enchanted Gardener yourself.

One of Leslie's many skills is teaching gardening aspects of
 Feng Shui, the Chinese art of harmoniously arranging
surroundings.  He uses Feng Shui when he places
gift seeds intended to grow 1000 years of peace,
in bright red envelopes.

When I drive home, there are books and articles
waiting to be written.  Forsaking these for the
moment, I garden in my yard for the next two days.
Suddenly I realize that all of this is because
I met up with the Enchanted Gardener and
joined his vision, and what more, his family--
the Enchanted Garden Club.

From a bright red envelope, I take the shiny
round seed he gave me.  I place it in a fresh
new garden, pressing it into the warm, moist
earth.  As Leslie Goldman would say,
Today I am planting my dream!  Today I am
planting a beautiful tomorrow!"

You can reach The Enchanted Gardener
at Plantyourdream@Cox.net or call him
at 619.582.9669.

His main web address is

Images of a World at  Peace
is the intention I hold for my photography.
I see and seed super ripe images of success.
Find out more about my photography  at:

Leslie Goldman
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