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Articles in Print
In Search of Heart and Soul

October 2000 issue of
Natural Foods Merchandiser.
Read the Article:

 Raisins for Adriana.

Karen Raterman with Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

I have enjoyed developing relationships
with the staff of  New Hope Natural Media, the producers
of the Natural Products Expo West, among them Karen Raterman,
Director of Publications, who wrote me this note:

Dear Leslie,
So nice to meet you fact to face
at the show.  I think it would be wonderful  to include short articles
about heart and passion and doing good in the natural products business.
I would love for you to be one of our ambassadors and seek out these stories
and then send them our way.
Thank You, Be Well Karen"
PS  Thank you for more time in my life--
it¹s the most precious gift
I could get.

My first article appeared in the
October 2000 issue of
Natural Foods Merchandiser.
It is called Raisins for Adriana.

Leslie¹s Photo website contains photos from the
Natural Products Expo West '04.
These are my Best of the Show
Heart and Soul exhibitors.
They express passion
and I consider their products
good for the growth of the Heart
and Soul of the Natural Products

Look in the file on the left
under NPEW-04:


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This page of the OTA website describes
one of my favorite outings at the NPEW.
It is a gathering of many of the top Industry
members who are doing good for all of us.