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Plant Your Dream Workshop
Mother Earth says, "Plant Your Dream with Leslie Goldman!"

In this down-to-earth hands-on experience, Leslie demonstrate through story
 and scents how to access the power of nature and draw high
intentionality and fortunate blessings to your noble work.
Leslie brings the world of seeds and plants alive,
as he inspires us to become an enchanted gardener of our dreams
and new ground where something beautiful will grow
in our inner and outer Enchanted Garden.

Workshop Bio Note:

Leslie Goldman,  THE ENCHANTED GARDENER is an extra-ordinary voice
 for the rebirth of Mother Earth, and a translator of the feminine to both women and men.
He speaks outfor the reinvention of Nature's Original Technology, the technology of Soul
Patterns, passion, and down-to-earth pleasures in our lives.

His PLANT YOUR DREAM book series and other healing sentiments on plaques,
help us draw the soul of nature into our relationships and conscious commerce.

Leslie demonstrates how to use his poetry and prose, garden seeds, and
common "scents" to rearrange our inner furniture, baggage, and beliefs.
Gardening is Leslie's spiritual, poetic, and mystical practice.
"We can plant 1000 years of beautiful tomorrows," he says.

"Leslie Goldman
can weave story, personal poetry, charisma, audience participation, change of focus, heart and soul better than any presenter I've seen.
He has so much personal material he plucks the very heartstrings of everyone in the group. His sensitivity, wit and humor had the audience between tears
and laughter."

-- Lurrae Lupone, M.Ed. InnerSpace Feng Shui
Madison, Connecticut

"Leslie's Goldman's talk
 was profound yet simplistic
 in concept. The ideas
he strives to spread are those that if/when the human race chooses to live
by we shall indeed have 1000 years--in fact--eternal--Peace both inside and out.
--Patti Kirby, guest,
 Rancho La Puerta,
 January 1, 01.

The Enchanted Gardener

The Mystical and
sometimes mystifying
Leslie Goldman
wants to change your
world with chocolate
--Claire Schneider

Read the story:

"What seeds lie dormant within you? Where could your life use blossoming?
Through earthy ritual and inspired prose and poetry, Leslie invites us to
reawaken an intuitive relationship with the primeval forces of growth, bearing fruit, and fulfillment. By mindfully planting a seed in the Earth,
you can give life to your dreams and nurture them
 to an abundant harvest."

--Roger Green,
Feng Shui Design Studio,

"Nothing could have prepared me for the impact of leslie's love and enthusiasm.
He completely brought the spirit of his world alive
 and accessible.

He made it with tears of  joy and delight, and I seemed to be on the edge of tears throughout. The flood gates opened at the close of his sharing, as he
invited all to plant their dreams, share with the group, and to begin again
renewed. The conference changed me in a way
I am still trying to assess, and
 I suspect only time will show. Leslie's gift was one of opening my heart,
 and it hasn't closed since."
--Michael Rice,
architect,  Ireland
Photo:  Planting Seed Dreams is one of the Enchanted Garden offerings.
Near 36 practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 joined the Enchanted Garden Club in '02-'03.