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How I received a UN Peace Medal
A Tribute to Robert Muller

Rev Michael Beckwith (L) with Robert Muller

Robert Muller spoke at the Agape International Spiritual Center Los Angeles,
June 8, 2003 on  "The Power of Ideas and Your Dreams for Peace and a Better
World." A book signing followed -- Prophet: The Hatmaker's Son, by Douglas
Gillies, traces Muller's lifelong dedication to the pursuit of peace. For 38
years, Muller served as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.
He is considered by many to be the father of global education. Muller is the
recipient of the UNESCO Peace Education Prize, The Albert Schweitzer Prize
for Humanities and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award, in addition to
22 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I first met Robert Muller in 1983,  He signed the World Peace Celebration
Declaration of Interdependence I wrote in 1983.  
This is the story of how he gave me a U.N. Peace Medal.

Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman

From a deep place in his lungs,
Robert Muller said to me,
"Let Us Make Our Entire, Miraculous Planet
into an Enchanted Garden!"

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March 13, 2006

Barbara and Robert, 1993,
San Diego, CA

Somewhere back in September 1982, during the birthing days of alternative
health as a movement in America, in those days when some of us were not sure if we should spell "Holistic" with an "H" as J.C. Smuts suggested in Holism and Evolution, or perhaps go for a more Soul inspired spelling of "Wholistic"  with a "W", we the Health care practitioners who believed that Modern Medicine could be more than most knew, would gather year after year in San Diego for the Mandala Conference.

    That conference was the place where Jack Canfield first met Mark Victor Hansen, where Paul Brenner introduced us all to acupuncture, where Joseph Chilton Pearce was still cracking the Cosmic Egg and where a Native American Indian named Sunbear shared his closing Ceremony time to give me
space to end the conference with a poem.

     One year, a man from New York came to give a United Nations Peace Medal to the creator of this remarkable gathering. David Harris, the founder of the Conference,  was to be recognized  for his project called Transformation 2000 that envisioned a  new renewed Earth by the new Millennium because more and more of us were living from our deepest passion.

    I had my first Enchanted Garden installation--a room set on concrete--
within the Town and Country Hotel, the conference site.    Into the Enchanted Garden room that day, into a room filled with aromatic fresh herbs, a bubbling brook, and a parrot sitting on a perch, in the midst oflift up your heart harp music,  
a weary man came.

     The man was exhausted.  I saw it.
 I asked him to lay down on a soft
cushion body slant with his head lower than his heels.  I doused his senses with fragrant baby herbs still growing in pots--lemon verbena, rosemary,
thyme, Cleveland Sage and, Chocolate Peppermint that cleared the head and changed our whole world in 15 seconds.

     He dozed off and slept deeply for 15 minutes.  Then, he opened his eyes in a daze, and said, "Where am I?"  "You are in the Enchanted Garden," I said.  His face was quizzical.  Then he came back to his senses with one more inhale of chocolate peppermint.  From a deep place in his lungs, he said to me,
"Let Us Make Our Entire, Miraculous Planet into an Enchanted Garden!"

Robert and Leslie, June 8, 03
at the Agape Church in Los Angeles.

Barbara and Robert, 1993

World Peace Celebration
Declaration of Interdependence
signed by Robert Muller in
1982, and many others.
You are welcome to signed it too!

 Soon thereafter, he presented a UN Peace Medal on stage in pomp and circumstance. I did not see the ceremony.  I was doing service in the garden.  We said hello a number of other times that weekend.  I showed him a Declaration of Interdependence I wrote.  He signed it, as did many other leaders during those historic years.

     Just before breakdown of the final day, I too was feeling weary. Robert Muller again came into the Enchanted Garden, followed by the International Press Corp.  He was rushing for a plane.  He did not have time
to give them as much of him as they wanted, but he had time to say goodbye.

"If you really want a story, talk to Leslie," he said.

     Then, without saying a word,
 without anyone noticing, he pressed a Medal into my hand.  He left.  I was alone.  I looked closely at the gift he had given me.  The medal said, "UN Peace Medal 1981." I did not understand the meaning of this gesture.  A year later, he returned to the Mandala Conference for an encore.   I had a chance to ask him about the Medal. "Do you give a lot of those?"  I asked.  He said, "No,  I rarely give them."  It turned out the Medal he gave me was the same he gave on stage the year before. "Why did you give me that UN Peace Medal?"
I asked.  

     He looked me in the eye. "I gave it to you, not so much for what you have done in your life, but for what you will do with your life,"  he said. That was how I met Robert Muller, then an Undersecretary General for the United Nations.  That day I was confirmed as an Enchanted Gardener.  Years later, I came to know my life purpose was to help harvest 1000 Years of
Peace through inspiring seeds and our innermost Seed Dreams to grow
together.   The man from New York sensed my mission before I had words for it.

The Enchanted Garden
Welcomes You!
A History of Peace
on Earth

Thank you for
Enchanted Garden
through your

"Your photographs are precious!"
s--Barbara Gaughen-Muller

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"My Enchanted Friend,
Heartfelt thanks for another
'Enchanted plant.'
I love and bless it and you!
It graces my desk beautifully.
Thank You!  I deeply appreciate
your 'seeding our dream'
to sell millions.
I wish the same for you."
--Mark Victor Hansen
co-author, Chicken Soup for the
Soul series, and Enchanted Garden
Club member.

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 An ambassador of heart and soul, his influence
 is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images
 that record the history of Peace on Earth. Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal
in 1982 for the work he would do in his life.
 His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden,
a name for our Renewed Earth. Coming off two Hip Revisions in 2001-2002,
his project GETTING HIP aims to inspire Health Care
to GET HIP to being all it can be. His Seven Love Cures, words men
need to know and women want to hear, are called alimony insurance
 by doctors, health and nutrition Industry executives,
 and Feng Shui Consultants worldwide. Vitamin "L"--"L"
 for love is his game. He shares love through
introducing fresh fragrant herbs and heirloom organic seeds.
 "Gardeners make better lovers," Leslie says