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Don Quoxite
Don Quoxite

The moving adventures
of the Enchanted Garden Mobile
at Home and on the Road
with Leslie Goldman
Our Enchanted Gardener
begins again soon.


I am embarking now
on the greatest year of my life
 planting seeds and My seed dream
to grow 1000 years of peace
through inspiring your Seed Dreams.
  Thank you for being with me
on this journey.  Thank you for being a member
of the Enchanted Garden Club and one of my Sponsors.
I am grateful I do not have to go this journey alone,
nor could I.  You are in my life
that I become the world's greatest lover.
I am in your life
that you know what it
feels like to be loved
by the world's greatest lover.
I am in your life to inspire
you to be the world's greatest lover.

Leslie Goldman
Enchanted Garden
April 25, 2004
Recommitment date


"In Short, our gentleman became so immersed in his reading that he spent
whole nights from sundown to sunup and his days from dawn to dusk in poring
over his books, until finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading,
his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.  He had filed his
imagination with everything that he had read, with enchantments, knightly
encounters, battles, challenges, wounds, with tales of love and its
torments, and all sorts of impossible things, and as a result had come to
believe that all these fictitious happenings were true; they were more real
to him than anything else in the world....

....At last when his wits were gone beyond repair, he came to conceive the
strangest idea that ever occurred to any madman in this world.  It now
appeared to him fitting and necessary, in order to win a greatest amount of
honor for himself and his serve his country at the same time, to become a
knight-errant and roam the world on horseback, in a suit of armor, he would
go in quest of adventures, by way of putting into practice all that he had
read in his books, he would right every manner of wrong, placing himself in
situations of the greatest peril such as would resound in the eternal glory
of his name..."

from "Don Quixote," 1605
Miquel de Cervantes
translated by Samual Putnam

To Dream the Un impossible Dream: