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Ceremony and Conference Work--Kudos
from Colleagues and Conference attendees

"I highly recommend visits to these web sites for
uplifting experiences."--Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

"Your Poems touched me to the
seed of my being."

"You transformed an entire conference by what
you offered with your presence, your seeds,
your planting of Seed Dreams
 your Altar. It was absolutely wonderful!"
--Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Consultant

  International Feng Shui Conference,
San Luis Obispo, Aug 2004

"Your poetry is utterly beautiful. It brought
me to tears. Your expression shows the love
our world needs." --Diana Garber,
International Feng Shui Guild
Board of Directors, Classic Feng Shui Consultant

"You are a true Master revealing
the beauty and ultimate simplicity of
Nature's Essence."--Jain, August 8, 2004
San Luis Obispo, International Feng Shui Conference

Jain (left) with Your Enchanted Gardener.
At the International Feng Shui Conference,
San Luis Obispo, Jain taught Vedic Mathematics
and Magic Squares.  I have had
learning disabilities with math most of my
life,  I highly recommend Jain for his noble
restorative work for your Conference.
I sense, working with children, he will
                                                                    alleviate much pain in our world--Leslie

"Leslie, moving like a dancing deva,
weaves dreams and realities, hopes and intentions
into a tapestry drenched with love and laughter."
--Michael Rice, Ireland

Michael Rice - Architect - holisticarchitecture.com
Email: gohan@iol.ie - (00353) Ireland (0)502 61691

"The Closing Ceremony was inspiring and wonderfully
spontaneous.  It left me enriched and smiling inside."
--Mondo Secter, PhD
Applied Dao and Cultural Solutions
fine art and design
Artazzen Studio, 463-916 West Broadway,
Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada V5Z 1K7
Office Tel/Fax (604) 687-0188 Email:studio@artazzen.com

You are doing a great service with and for the juicy
women of the world."
--Anne Mansfield, President, International Feng Shui
Guild (Photo by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener)

"I will always remember the scent of your being."
Barbara Spinelli,  Feng Shui Consultant,
Performance Poet Association, New York