About Leslie

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener,
SEES and plants SEEDS of success
for super RIPE people and their DREAMS.

 An ambassador of heart and soul, his influence
 is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images
 that record the history of Peace on Earth. Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal
in 1982 for the work he would do in his life.
 His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden,
a name for our Renewed Earth. Coming off two Hip Revisions in 2001-2002,
his project GETTING HIP aims to inspire Health Care
to GET HIP to being all it can be. His Poetry Plaques, words men
need to know and women want to hear, are called alimony insurance
 by doctors, health and nutrition Industry executives,
 and Feng Shui Consultants worldwide. Vitamin "L"--"L"
 for love is his game. He shares love through
introducing fresh fragrant herbs and heirloom organic seeds.
 "Gardeners make better lovers," Leslie says

mailto: Plantyourdream@cox.net
and see:

"I've been waiting half my life to tell somebody about
Leslie Goldman.  Always figured I'd wait for some desperate
moment.  Now. it's here."  --Bob Baker,
Los Angeles Times Magazine

"A magic day he passed my way
 And while we spoke of many things
 Fools and kings, this he said to me
 "The greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return."

From the song NATURE BOY
Lyrics by eden ahbez
recorded by Nat King Cole, 1947,
the year I was born.

"Do you remember, a lifetime ago,
when Nat King Cole had a hit song called
NATURE BOY?  It told about a
'strange, enchanted boy' who wandered
far, very far, and when he met you,
he taught you many things.  I've met
that boy, or someone very much like him,
and he is now a man known as the Enchanted
Gardener.  I may never be the same."
--Paul Froemming, writer at Large
Montecito Journal

"I see you super RIPE
with Success!"
--Your Enchanted Gardener


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