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Keeping the Dream Alive!

Late in his 80's, Dr. Bernard Jensen
was diagosed with terminal cancer.
He overcame it.  He was out
celebrating his return to health.
The car was hit from behind
and he was in a paralyzing
car accident that put him in a wheelchair.
He overcame that and walked again
when no one said he could.

During his life he touched the lives
of countless people through his
many books and charismatic teaching.
He served more than 350.000 patients.
I was one of them.

For more than 15 years, I took some
of his favorite photographs.
He taught me the basics
of living a healthy life.

Bernard Jensen lived as
a Nature boy, as a keeper
of sacred wisdom.

I gave Dr. Jensen a promise
in our early days together,
that I would keep his dream alive.
His dream is more than his dream,
His dream is the dream of life itself
that believes through staying close
to nature and close to the wisdom
that comes from seeking to live
a healthfully, we can create a a wise
domain here on here.

This is the essence of wisdom itself.

Let us keep the dream alive.

Leslie Goldman

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