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Friends of Hidden Valley--Contributors
1.  Overview:

Friends of Hidden Valley
"Keeping the Dream Alive!"

The Enchanted Garden wishes to thank the following
individuals and Companies for their contributions
to this Enchanted Garden Project,
"Keeping the Dream Alive! ."

As of March 1, 2007 this land came into the
ownership of Stephen and Fiona Markowitz
and is being developed as the Hidden Valley Retreat & Spa.

The land has a retreat center, kitchen facilities, 11 acres of
trails covering the very special healing land, an orchard,
and many wonderful specimens of flora and fauna.

For retreats and stays, please email me at
I will put give you a referal to the current owners.

Thank you all for working in behalf of this land,
and giving your energies toward "Keeping the Dream Alive!"
May Dr. Bernard Jensens writings and wisdom continue to be disseminated and enjoyed.

May we all Pray and Inspire together, that the former Hidden Valley Health Ranch,
"Jensen's Ranch," otherwise known
continue to flower, and  fulfill the destiny of this land.

Patricia Kaminski, Co-founder
of the flower Essence Society.

.Contributions toward "Keeping the Dream Alive" have been made
by the following leaders in the Natural Healing Arts
and Natural Products Industry.

Some listed here are members of the Enchanted Garden Club.
Your membership allows Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener to further
this Enchanted Garden Project
as well as many others.

Enchanted Garden Club Members
in the "Keeping the Dream Alive!" Enchanted Garden Club Project.

Sharon Schulman, BSC, director of Pikes Peak Herb Association.

LTD Brian J. MacNamara, M.Sc., N.D.,
a student of Bernard Jensen,
practices a wholistic approach of Dr. Jensen's Iridology and nutrition
work.  I highly recommend his services.

To join: Enchanted Garden Club

Please Look at this site for many Bernard Jensen Products

Donations are "Keeping the Dream Alive!"

Joining the Enchanted Garden Club
keeps me writing and dedicating
time to this important Enchanted Garden Project
called "Keeping the Dream Alive!"

Please visit the "Keeping the Dream Alive!" Blog
to keep posted on current developments.