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Photos Hidden Valley March 26, 05
and from My Dr. Jensen Archives

Hidden Valley Health Ranch Sign
Moss Growing
A Piece of the Rock
Dr. Jensen and his beloved Goats
AriellaShira at Hidden Valley Health Ranch
The Crimson Camillias...
Artists Meet Here!  
Dr. Jensen with a Cocktail Grapefruit 1980's
Cocktail Grapefruit, March 26, 05
Remnants of Dr. Jensen's Color show
Pottery in Ellen Nadeau's Art Studio
Ellen Nadeau at the Potter's Wheel
Pottery Image I love
Persian Mulberry in Winter
Leslie and the Madonna
Purple Flower
Debra St. Claire, Art and Ellen Tart Jensen, and Leslie
Dr. Jensen visits Leslie's Enchanted Garden
Letter from Dr. Jensen
Patricia Kaminski Prays
Bernard Jensen Waves
Tour Flyer  March 26, 05

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