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Well Wishes, Memories, and Testimonials

The following notes are well wishes  for the "Keeping the Dream Alive!"
Dr. Bernard Jensen project.  The Project's intent is to further
inspire generations to the work and wisdom of Dr. Bernard Jensen,
and secure making it possible for this land  to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Included here are also memories of Bernard Jensen, and Testimonials
 to his gifts as  one of the elders of the natural healing arts.

Memories and Reflections...

"I am supportive of this project.  I was led to the healing arts in 1972 where I was fortunate enough
to meet Dr. Bernard Jensen.  At the time, I owned two natural food stores in Macon, Georgia.  Dr. Jensen
 was the 'father' of the healng arts with all that he contributed to the industry.  I cherish all of my encounters
and opporttunities brought to me involving Dr. Jensen, i.e, my iridology photos and readings given by him.
His legacy is of utmost importance. We should never forget him and his precious
contribution to all our lives. Just as I was able to study with another legend
Dr. Christophern ND, it is apparent we must hold on to and honor the gifts
we were chosen to be keepers of  for generations to come."

Herbal Blessings!
Sharon Shulman, Bsc, herbalist, Reiki master, Wellness Coach  
mailto:  719.533.0707

March 19, 05 Natural Products Expo West

Support for the Land...

"I support Leslie's dream to find the perfect
custodian of Dr. Jensen's wonderful retreat!"

Caroline MacDougall, Teeccino Herbal Coffee

"Sounds like a fabulous plce to have a retreat
and to live and dream and create!"

Hula Cass MD. author of
"8 Weeks to Vibrant Heath"
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Donations are "Keeping the Dream Alive!"

Joining the Enchanted Garden Club
keeps me writing and dedicating
time to this important Enchanted Garden Project
called "Keeping the Dream Alive!"