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Dr. Jensen's Hidden Valley Health Ranch
March 2007 Activity:
This land is now in the ownership of Stephen  and Fiona Markowitz.
TICKETS for March 25th Event
100 Rakes for Heath:  A Celebration of Dr. Bernard Jensen's
(1908-2001) 99th Birthday and the Opening of the
Hidden Valley Retreat and Spa

$20.00  All Day Pass
8 AM-9 PM

All Day Pass
I want to rake  9-10:45 AM
or 2:00-4:00 PM

Email Leslie for directions

For updates see:
"Celebrate 100 Rakes for Health"

Rentals for Weddings, Workshops
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2. Make sure you let them know I referred you.
Email me when you call them.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

"Leslie Goldman
is the best Photographer
on the Planet!"
--Rick Frishman,
publicist, Chicken
Soup for the Soul
80 Million sold.

Enchanted Garden
Farmers' Market Project:

Elyssa Rodriguez
takes some time out
from serving samples
of organic melons at
the Hillcrest Farmers'
Market to play with
a puppy who stopped

Organically grown
tomatoes from the
Rodriquez family,
August 2004.

Out of the Box Food is
available week in an out
at your local
Farmers' Market.

Are you a
 can say,
is Organic?"

Plant Your

"Keeping the Dream Alive!"  

Further dissemination
 of the work
of Dr. Bernard Jensen

To John Morley UK


I am enjoying looking over your website and reading the article about the last Iridology seminar that Dr. Bernard Jensen taught by Marijke Vogel, one of his students.

The letter that alerted many to the death of Dr. Jensen on February 26, 2001 at the age of 92, was sent out by Marijke and you.

That letter is printed on the CureZone near information about the

I consider Dr. Jensen my spiritual father.  We had more than 30 years of personal contact and I lived with him at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch for a number of years. I also edited a few of his books, namely The Healing Power of Chlorophyll through Plant Life and Survive...This Day.

After a number of years of grief over the loss of our mutual friend, I had a rekindling of my active relationship with the Dr. when I received an email that his former Hidden Valley Health Ranch, the 10-acre land that contained his home and gardens, was up for sale.   

Numbers of potential buyers looked at the
property.  On April 24, 2006, I received an
email from Ellen Nadeau that the land was
no longer for sale.

Here is a brief history:

on 3/4/05 5:17 PM, Hidden Valley Artist Retreat at wrote:

 We have been renovating the ranch since November 2001 and are now selling it. Do you have a way we might let people know about it?

Ellen Nadeau

Hidden Valley Artist Retreat

The email asked if I knew of anyone who would be interested in purchasing this land. I received this email on March 3, and for the last three weeks, since the week of March 10, I have many hours numbers into the late night spreading the word about the sale of the ranch and seeing who might be able to come up with $1.5 million.  It has been a roller coaster ride.

Between March 17-20, at the Natural Products Expo West, numbers of Natural Food Industry Leaders helped spread the word about the land for sale.

describes the property.

March 25, 2005 would have been his 97th birthday, I led my first Tour of the land on March 26. Many of the tour were also deeply touched by this healing land.

You can see the Tour flyer here made graciously
by Ellen Nadeau.

You can see those photos and other archive photos on this site.

During March and early April, I explored various possibilities. One included raising the $1.5 Million through a group purchase.
I wrote letters inspired by this idea.

On April 3, Friends of Hidden Valley, "Keeping the Dream Alive!" came into form.  

This is an Enchanted Garden Project
that  intents to inspire future owners to the potential of continuing to not only run the Hidden Valley Artist's Retreat as a functional business, but reactivate the Hidden
Valley Health Ranch as a place where health retreats would happen.

You can read about Friends of Hidden Valley on this site. You can join this Enchanted Garden Project. You can support others in the community who have expressed their enthusiam for this land.

They are Friends of Hidden Valley.

The sale of the land has inspired me to put more energy into fulfilling a promise that I made to the doctor when I first met him, that his work and wisdom continue to inspire new generations.

by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Garden

for updates on this project please see

Donations are "Keeping the Dream Alive!"

keeps me writing and dedicating
time to this important Enchanted Garden Project
called "Keeping the Dream Alive!"

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"Leslie will help inspire and unite your audience--his passion is powerful, effective, and infectious.  I highly recommend his presence at your event, and you can contact me at"
--Roger Green,
International Feng Shui Conference,
San Luis Obispo, 2004

An invitation for you to Sign
the World Peace Celebration

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
May our
future world
 look back at your Life and see the Love
you have brought
 forth as the
History of Peace
 on Earth.

This is a photo taken
at the Hidden Valley
Health Ranch
on March 26, 2005,
 on my first visit there in four years.

Please email me at

I believe this land is intended to remain a community resource
in the hands of who ever owns it.

I am summoning a Group of Friends,Friends of Hidden Valley, who will work together
to support owners in fulfilling the visionfor this land.

 We will work through prayer and hand-on events--if permitted-- to do specific work projects to aid the gardens.

Seven amazing
Love Cures on
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How is your Soul inspired Creation coming?
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How can I love you?
Can you feel my love for you?
Can you feel how much life there is between us,
how much peace,
how much good?

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These poems
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Leslie's poetry
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Learn about
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Dr. Bernard Jensen

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