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Dr. Jensen teaching Hipocries Circle,  at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch during
the 80's.  Thousands came to study with the master of the Healing Arts
and American Father of Iridology.

Photo by Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener an 8x10 suitable for framing
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Hippocrites taught,"Let Food be Thy Medicine
and Medicine be Thy Food!"

 Dr. Bernard Jensen  taught and lived this.

 For the sake of our world what he taught
is deeply needed in the world now.  
His work goes on through those of us who are
 moved by him.--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

The Earth is an Orb in Orbit!"
--Dr. Bernard Jensen

Dr.Bernard Jensen
March 25, 1908-
February 22, 2001

Elder to the
Healing Arts
and Product

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updated March 25th
2005, the 97th Birthday
of  Dr. Bernard Jensen

By Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
and Dr. Bernard Jensen  at the Enchanted
Garden Intentional Community.  The community
houses many Bernard Jensens books and videos.
Photo taken some time in the 80's.  

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Cancer at 87!
Cancer Free at 92!
The Heart and Soul of
Bernard Jensen

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If we forget the roots of the Natural
Food Industry, if we forget the purpose
of the journey and do not honor and
remember the Elders whose foundation
our growth stands upon,  we are
like a tree without roots.  The growth
of the Natural Products industry
will mean little if the principles of
whole, pure, and natural living are
not understood and brought
firmly into the 21st Century.

Dr. Bernard Jensen's vast orientation
and service to the Natural Product Industry
needs will be detailed out on this page
and the Reader will be directed to
important links.

This Tribute is an offering to the contribution of
Dr. Bernard Jensen.  

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