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The History of Peace on Earth
is proclaimed through each of us!
You are invited to sign this
World Peace Celebration
Declaration of Interdependence!

My friend Hani, of Near  East Foods In San Diego.
He was born in Bethlemen, is of Arabic descent,
and speaks better Hebrew than I do.  He once spoke
at a World Peace Celebration activity as my invitation.

From a deep
place in his lungs, Robert Muller
said to me, "Let Us Make Our Entire,
into an
 Enchanted Garden!"

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story here:
How I

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Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted

Plant Your Dream


I declare the Earth my home
and I the steward and friend  
of the Earth and all its offspring
in every race, culture, and consciousness.

Let every living thing know me
as a refuge, a space of safety,
an open portal welcoming new visions
and human possibilities,
a sanctuary of Peace,a protector
of the sacred child  in everyone.

I too carry a torch of liberty.
Come share my warmth and relight my candle flame
with love and inspiration should
I ever forget who I am. I promise to defend the Peace
through being a Peacemaker.

I declare myself a responsible citizen of the planet,  taking strength and security
 in this agreement.  This is my assurance
and insurance against war,  that within me,
I am making Peace.  
Let everyone know from this moment
my declaration of interdependence  
to you, to my city, to my country,to my planet, to my universe. Let everyone know of my commitment to experience unity through diversity
 and personal and world transformation.
 We are seeds of Peace;
 I am the Earth and the fullness thereof.

(Signed )                                          (Date)

World Peace Celebration Declaration
of Interdependence, 1983.
by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

In 1920, Romain Rolland,
a peacemaker and winner
of the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature,
wrote a book called, "The Forerunners."

In the book he describes attempts to bring the Worldback to sanity following World War 1.
He includes in the book the following quote:

"Let us seek truth everywhere;
Let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom
or its seed.
Having found the seed
let us scatter it to the winds of heaven.
Wherever it may blow,
it will germinate.
There is no lack in this wide universe
of souls that will form the new ground."

In the book "The Forerunners",
he includes a LIST of SIGNERS

Among the signers were
Albert Einstein (GERMANY)
Jane Addams, (USA)
Hermann Hesse (GERMANY)
Upton Sinclair (USA)
Rabindranath Tagore (HISDUSTAN)
Bertrand Russell (ENGLAND)

Many others signed.
The desire to bring the World home
to its senses, fell short.

Since, then there have been many other LISTS.
One in particular that shocked me was in the
Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

It was a deportation LIST to Auschwitz.
Among the name on the list was Anne Frank.

I wonder if more could have been done
with the first LIST to have prevented
the second LIST.

I believe we are perched at the Dawn of the Age of Peace. I believe we are each compelled to
record our lives as a History of Peace
including our every actions that can lead to personal growth that brings
the Soul down to Earth.

I want to invite you to join us in
signing a third List
that perhaps it can be the LIST
that ends all LISTS.

May this be the moment.
May this be the New Year.
May our Names be inscribed
not only in the Book of Life
but sealed in the Book of Peace.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Story written originally July 3, 1995
Updated, July 4, and printed

There is no charge to sign
this Declaration.
Just email me, and make a comment.

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Many of our signers
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Enchanted Garden
Projects around the world.

What is an Enchanted
Garden Project?

It is a Soil inspired
enterprise that connects
your deepest seed
dreams with growing

As your garden grows
so does your innermost
soul inspired dreams.

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