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Offerings and Products

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The Healing Power
of Chlorophyll
from Plant Life

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Written for Bernard Jensen
from his teachings by
Leslie Goldman, 1973

(#1008) Vegetable Seasoning 10 oz by Bernard Jensen is a blend of sixteen ingredients including spices and dehydrated vegetables that add flavor to all foods in lieu of salt.

Powdered vegetable blend. A concentration of tasty raw vegetables, blended for better nutrition, reduced to fine powder, giving it a fine texture and easy to mix ingredients.

Suggested Usage:
As a substitute for salt, sprinkle on baked potatoes, salads, etc. Combine with tomato juice or add to broths or soups for enhanced flavor. Simmered for three minutes in a cup of water, it provides a nutritional supplement to the regular diet. Especially desirable between meals and at bedtime.

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Dancing with the Bride-Reb Zalman
by Lesle Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener