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Leslie's Essene Biography

AriellaShira, extraordinary healer, friend, and gatherer of the women prays
at Madre Grande
Monastery in preparation for

The Elijah Minyan,
a San Diego Jewish Renewal Community, meets
in the backyard
of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, around 1999

This photo is of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, two allies who I have known for many years.  
Mark would like to replant this Earth with Trees.  Mark and Jack, I sense,
are both part of Essene Soul Group activity.
  Jack and I met in the early days of the holistic health movment.  He helped bring Self esteem into the classroom, and is a old ally of one of my dearest friends,
John Vasconcellos,
the state senator
who retires in 2004.

"My Enchanted Friend, Heartfelt thanks for another Enchanted plant I love and bless it and you! I deeply appreciate your Œseeding our dream.¹ to sell millions. I wish the same for you."--Mark Victor Hansen, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises.

Leslie goldman (L)  consecrates a Seed of Peace with
 Reb Zalman Schacter Salomi at Day of Atonement around 1993,
 Los Angeles California  Reb Zalman's original vision for Jewish Renewal was inspired in part by Essene Soul Group activity.See this lnk for more about the Jewish Renewal Essene connection.

I am a prolific writer, and author of more than ten currently unpublished books and many Enchanted Garden projects.  I wrote Health Magic Through Chlorophyll Through Living Plant Life, and Survive This Day for Dr Bernard Jensen.

 Dr, Jensen (1908-2002) was an elder in the natural healing arts and the American father of 20th century iridology that is nutrition based.  His deepest work expresses Essene Soul Group Activity.  Dr.  Jensen and Edmond Bordeuax Szekely, the20th Century Essene renaissance pioneer, were friends.  Dr. Jensen spokeof a number of travels he had taken with Professor Szekely.
I was directed to Professor Szekely by Dr. Jensen.  Both were pioneers in what Dr. Jensen called the Health Sanatarium tradition.  They both had Healing Retreat centers in the San Diego bioregion.  I was led to Dr. Jensen's Hidden Valley Health Ranch in 1972 because of  dire health needs that included crippling arthritis.  Professor Szekely had a number of International Biogenic gatherings in San Diego that I attended in 1977 and 1978.  Through the questions I asked, Professor Szekely recognized my Essene ministry.  I was one of the last Essene Ministers that he ordained.  He died in 1979.

Both men wrote many books, and their combined publications are well over 200 between them.  Numbers of their books are still in distribution.

In 1977-78-79, there was a pioneering spirit in San Diego.  We would celebrate the Equinoxes and Solstices in large community gatherings. There was a place in Eden, arizona called Healing Waters.  It was here I met a long haired trance channel named Kevin Ryerson.  In an altered state, he shared deep understandings about the Essenes and their esoteric history. We drew out information that detailed the Essene Wholistic Healing Model.   I  founded the Essene School of Thought in 1978, and over two years co-created workshops featuring Kevin Ryerson whereI and others drew out more than 100 hours of recorded information on the Essenes.

These audio cassette tapes still exist and are known as the Essene School of Thought Library.   I spent many years transcribing and coming to understand the information on these tapes that resonated with the teachings that I had learned or moreso  "remembered" through my relationships with Dr. Jensen and Professor Szekely.  I felt validated in my own Essene Soul Group activity.

 William Aura and his wife Lani, close allies, also organized various workshops with Kevin, and as the phase of workshops ended,  the teachings came to life in the early 80's through a rich blossoming of his Lyrics and my poetry.  Aura helped organize and sing as part of  a musical group called Heartspace. I was the original M.C.
This band for me became the focal point for expressing
ideas about the Aquarian age that we had both absorbed from the Essene teachings.

Between 1981and well into the 80's much of these teachings were expressed through community gatherings as we set out to establish San Diego as an Aquarian Age center of activity.   During this same time, the holistic health movement was born.  Many of the Essene teachings came alive through the creation of Enchanted Garden Installations at the Mandala Conference, where the leaders of the movement converged each summer. Many presenters at this conference expressed Essene values.  The Enchanted Garden, a natural oasis within the conference, carried the Essene natural focus.
It was hear that I met Robert Muller, as well as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, years before they co-authored the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In the early  80's the Essene Way influenced my Peace work. Highlights were a World Peace Celebration in starlight Bowl, Balboa Park, as well as years bringing a living plant presence to the Whole Life Expos and other Celebrations.  I would lead Ceremonies and read my poetry.  In these venues I combined forces with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, aNeo-Hassidic singing Rabbi who got as excited as I did about the "Mosiach," and Messianic Age, core Essene Teachings.

Rebbe Carlebach deep love and affection helped me mend my estranged relationship with my father, Solomon.  In the early 90's,  the New Age began to sour in my eyes.  Our original Aquarian vision faltered,  I was drawn toward healing my relationship with my Jewish roots.  By 1993,  I was on a honeymoon voyage into Jewish Renewal.   Rabbi Stan Levy, of the B'nai Horin Community in Los Angeles and Reb Zalman Shacter Salomi, grandfather of the Jewish Renewal  movement.
inspired me.

A backdrop of my life from the early 80's was moving into a shared household with numbers of others, a 1/3 acre parcel of land near San Diego State University, that took on aspects of the Enchanted Garden and later evolved into the vision of establishing the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community here.

In the 90's I continued to struggle with emotions and physical disabilities, as well as periods of ecstatic states where I would write and take on projects beyond my human capacity.  Some of my writing has been self published in limited editions, and asks republishing.
 My book series Plant Your Dream, and my Essene mission, naming the next 1000 years as the Enchanted Garden era of Peace, evolved from Essene teachings, and continues to overshadow at times my disabilities.

The Once and Future History of the Essenes and Confessions of an Essene Visionary are two book projects.

My mother died of cancer when I was 12 years old.  This, combined with my garden sensitivity helped me developed a unique awareness of woman's issues that has sparked numbers of poems on plaques and poetry books.  This combines with an intuitive ability to capture the essence of people and nature through photography.

With two major Hip Revisions behind me through the
winters of 2001-2002,  and a fire that burned through our home garden in 2001, I am now laying seeds to the unfoldment and flowering of my work.  In times of discouragement, it  helps me to remember that Dr. Jensen, my spiritual father, was also coming out of deep setback and turmoil when I met him in his 60's.  His greatest accomplishments and successes came between age 60 and his late 80's.

My heart goes out to you.  Through our response to our Divine nature, that seeks to live through our relationship with Mother Earth, once again the Tree of Life will grow in our midst and the Enchanted Garden will flower in our lives.

Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman

 Robert Muller, subject of the book Prophet by Jerry Gillies, gave Leslie a UN Peace Medal in 1982 when the global peacemaker experienced an Enchanted Garden installation at an International Conference.

Leslie was named Maggid--storyteller-- of the Enchanted Garden by Reb Zalman Schachter-Salomi, grandfather of the Jewish Renewal movement. Http://

"Leslie returns love for whatever comes his way"
 Dr. Bernard Jensen, 1908-2001, American father of Iridology, Elder, natural healing arts; my
spiritual father.

"Let us Make Our Entire, Miraculous Planet into an Enchanted Garden!"--Robert Muller, UN Undersecretary General in 1982

³When the Messiah comes, Leslie will be his MC!²
--Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach, the world¹s most traveled Jew   For a link  to theRebbe's work, please see:
With Rabbi Carlebach is Rabbi Wayne Dosick,of the Elijah Minyan in San Diego.

TO Eliezer Ben Shlomo--Prophet of the Enchanted Garden.  Magid-
  with my blessings,  
Rabbi Zalman Schacter- Salomi,
writing at the first Kallah in Ft. Collins,
Colorado, 1997.

"Urban shaman, Leslie Goldman, communes with God in his Magic Garden, coaxing healing from herbs and plants and writes verse blossoms that lift the heart, touch the soul, and somehow gladden the wounded
spirit weeping in us" --Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi

"Your words, your poems, inituitively, inherently speak an old new voice from deep within our tradition and our faith. You share your very personal dialogue with God, and touch the deeply personal in each of us.² Rabbi Stan Levy, B¹nai Horin Community.

Jan Bishop, worked and managed Academy Books for Professor Edmond Bordeuax Szekely.  She now teaches Tai Chi at the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego.  Photo at Rancho La Puerta Eagle's Nest, early. 80's.We gathered with other Essenes to honor the Professor's gravesite.

Solomon Goldman,
my father,
blows the shofar,1972.
If you would like
a taste of my personal experience in childhood go to this review of my book Rekindling of Faith.

Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, 20th century Essene renaissance pioneer, co-founded Rancho La Puerta with his wife, Deborah.  The fitness revolution began here in 1940.

"But he had a singular passion for the Essenes, ancient pre-Christian cult members living on the edges of the Dead Sea. He believed them to be the "world's first natural healers." Based on his understanding of their work, he founded the Essene School of Life at the isolated Baja California location."--Lynn Alley

Abraham's New Seed

I offer you
seeds to plant the
harmony in your life.  Write me
If you relate to what you read here, let me know.  We all need to rise up now to be who we are intended to be in this world that wants us to
be its Lover.


 copyright 2004, Leslie Goldman,
All Rights Reserved.