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Saint Frances of
Assisi, a man
who knew Brother
Sun, Sister Moon

A Dear Friend, who
bloomed for me once
as I read poetry in
front of 400 people.

From: Your Enchanted Gardener Date: 2005/04/20 Wed PM 04:43:06 EDT To: Leslie Goldman Subject: Enoch link


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Christa Gostenhofer, a gardener reviving
 the Enchanted Garden, and  Your Enchanted
Gardener, Leslie Goldman, Fullerton Arboretum,
 March 4, 2004 in the history of Peace on Earth

My life is enriched by your presence here.
What you see here please leave here.
Let others find this place themselves
unless you feel that life itself will grow
from they being here too.

This place you have found is a repository
for the Essene Teachings that have been
at the core for my deepest  spirituality.

Essene Teaching belong to no one religion
though in this world the Essene Way is
associated with various religions and called by many names during various epochs.

Essene Teachings are about no labels.

The Essene Way is an essential stream that moves through all religionsthat  based on Soul.
The Essene Way is Essential a Soul Group Activity that occurs and reoccurs. Others have found this stream of consciousness through recorded and pre-recorded history.  You have found this place.
My wish is that you be enriched
by the sharing you find here,
and the new Soul allies you will meet
through spending your precious time here.

Please contact me
if you are part of the Essene School
of Thought that resonates
with these teachings.

We are here for each other.
Life grows from our inner activity
with each other.

I stand on the shoulders
of those who have come before me.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener
writing in the Essene School of Thought

Written March 25, 2004
the Birthday of Bernard Jensen,
My spiritual father.

"and Enoch walked with God;
and he was not. God took him."

Dr. Bernard Jensen,
my spiritual father,
who introduced me
to the Essenes.

Professor Edmond
Bordeaux Szekely,
who recognized me
as an Essene minister
based on the questions
I asked.

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