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Elijah's Prayer

The Elijah Minyan,
a San Diego Jewish Renewal Community, meets
in the backyard
of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, around 1999.

Oh, Elijah, prophet of good tidings
 who comes to usher in the coming of
holiness in the world, let us all open the door for you this Passover and proclaim
that a great and awesome day has come to the earth now.  I and others join you determined to live as blessings
upon the earth.

Elijah, this very Passover, as we drink
 four cups of wine and set a fifth cup
for you, may you rejoice at every Seder
and every holy day meal
celebrated by all.

Elijah, may the coming of holiness into the world now be past tense.  May we no longer stand in line, nor wait for this eventful day. Through the good feeling we now create, may we counter balance the violation
 that reverence for life has endured and through forgiveness, ground a new world.

    Not with armaments, but with outstretched arms, we take a stand now
 to sit down with each other
and create Seder, Universal Order
in our world,  not only at Passover,
but every day.

May we each balance discernment
with mercy that we might take down
 the walls of stone within our own hearts.  May our hearts melt to our own
kind,  and create more living room
to bless the differences we have
with all people.

    Each of us, are now adding to the history of peace on earth.  We are secure enough within our personal borders.  We can extend ourselves in love without fear of losing
who we are.  We are allowing the earth
to move on.  We are planting a new earth that is no longer the warring world
 we are leaving behind.

We can no longer, for the sake of the earth, hold back our kindness and care
for each other.  Through our love,
we bring in the long awaited moment
when God is mirrored
 in every human heart.


Written March 29, 1995.  First appeared in Psalms to Anne, Passover reflections inspired by Anne Frank
will be republished in the Spring of '05
 Leslie Goldman, c/o Enchanted Garden,
6008 Arosa St, San DIego, CA 92115. 619- 582-9669.  
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Leslie Goldman
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Solomon Goldman,
my father,
blows the shofar,1972.

Elijah's  copyright, Leslie Goldman, Version 1995
All Rights Reserved.