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The Essenes--then and now
What does "Essene" mean?
Paying Homage to a Beloved Soul--Carla Kufner, master
raw food chef, beautified the world and expressed many Essene ideals through the way she loved those around her.  An Essene sponsor of my activities,  We co-wrote Enchanted Delicacies, a book that  awaits publication.
May her spirit continue to love us all.--Leslie

Ecstatic mystics, the intent and purpose of the Essenes and their lifestyle is to redeem the world through the rising up of new Seeds. A Kaballistic stream of consciousness that is Tree of Life and nature based, the primary industries among the Essenes are knowledge and healing. Essene influence--through Essene Soul group activity-- has never left our planet. Souls with Essene background are at the cutting edge of personal and planetary Renewal movements. The Essene sole aim is to instigate1000 years of Peace through personal example. Essenes are known by their "walk"--their practices. They are in ALL Peace loving traditions primed for the Gathering of the Whole. There are few areas of alternative healing, as well as miraculous healing, that were not mastered by the Essene teachers of old and cannot be mastered by Essene teachers now. If you resonate to these words, you are likely one of these Souls.

What does the word Essene mean?
What is the Essene Walk?

Essene means expectant.
Expectant of the return of God to Earth,
Expectant as a Mother welcoming her babe
into the world. Pregnant as a blossom
about to burst forth,
as a blossom pregnant with Divinity.
We bring Divinity down to Earth
through ourselves.
This is a path about doing
what is Essential.
This is an all sided path,
expressing through many spiritual
paths, and called many
different names. This is a Journey
of one step at a time,
leading to 1000 years of Peace.

--Leslie Goldman
Enchanted Gardener

Be as a gardener Nourished
from the Earth
you shall
build the most sacred temple
of all,
your own body physical
your mind
and spirit meet, hold counsel,
and reveal all of God's works."

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