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Declaration of Interdependence


I declare the Earth my home and I the steward and friend  
of the Earth and all its offspring in every race, culture, and consciousness.

Let every living thing know me as a refuge, a space of safety, an open portal welcoming  new visions and human possibilities, a sanctuary of Peace,a protector of the sacred child  in everyone.

I too carry a torch of liberty.
Come share my warmth and relight my candle flame with love and inspiration should
I ever forget who I am.I promise to defend the Peace through being a Peacemaker.

I declare myself a responsible citizen of the planet,  taking strength and security
 in this agreement.  This is my assurance and insurance against war,  that within me,
I am making Peace.  
Let everyone know from this moment my declaration of interdependence  
to you, to my city, to my country,to my planet, to my universe. Let everyone know of my commitment to experience unity through diversity and personal and world transformation.
 We are seeds of Peace;
 I am the Earth and the fullness thereof.

(Signed )                                          (Date)

World Peace Celebration Declaration
of Interdependence, 1983.
From Plant Your Dream
by Leslie Goldman

History of this Document:

This Declaration of Interdependence was written in 1983
for a World Peace Celebration in Starlight Bowl, Balboa Park,
San Diego, California, Earth Day Weekend,

 The undelying intent was to raise funds for an Essene Sanctuary in South America.  The expression of the World Peace Celebration was pure Essene with many Diverse cultural expressions from Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach to Aztec Dancers, and an ecumenical mass as well.  The music of Heartspace with William Aura and family were heard.  I, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, was the MC.

Hundreds of people signed this document over the years.  
You can sign it now too.

Please do it as part of a ritual where you plant Seeds, Seeds of Peace,
Both the Seed Dreams in your Soul and Heart, as well as literal Seeds
you can watch grow.  The seeds will remind you of your Dreams.
For more about Plant Your Dream, see that website.

World Peace Breaks Out!

Over the years,I have taken the original ticket for the World Peace Celebration andused a portion of itas a symbolic Ticket
to Heaven on Earth.

Will you declare Peace?Where else can World Peace begin than
inside our own life?

This is an Essene Teaching.

Let me know you have signed  your this Declaration of Interdepence.  
Feel free to subtract, or add your own lines.  In signing this Declaration, you have more our world one step closer to World Peace.  

After all, in the Puzzle to World Peace, there is only one Piece missing.
Guess Who?

Go see:
Declaration of Independence of the Mind

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Lots of photos you can buy for $5.00 each of some really great
                                                   Peacemakers, or make a larger contribution.
Leslie Goldman is your common ordinary every day Enchanted Gardener.  
His aim is to servethe seed dreams of 144 members within his branch of the
Enchanted Garden Club, and  he welcomes Enchanted Garden Friends.
The author and coach for ideas, projects, and creations to inspire a healthy
earth named the Enchanted Garden, Leslie is also co-creator of the Enchanted
Garden Intentional Community in San Diego.  The home he shares with others
is a plant and people sanctuary offering rentals in a natural environment in
the city. Robert Muller, then Undersecretary General in 1982,  gave Leslie a
 U.N. Peace Medal.  Leslie's Johnny Appleseed-like ministry aims to inspire
more green thumbs.   He teaches that we can be on the web, and still have
the web of life as our foundation.