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Making a Sacred Challah
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Looking Good
Challah, but how Healthy
 is it for you?

Rabbi Stan Levy,
B'nai Horin Community,
Los Angeles
shows off
a lovely looking Challah at Shavuot 2002, at Tree People.  It looks good,
but how good is it for you?  Read on...

Mindy Goldis, long time Macrobiotic Chef, helped prepare the Vegan Raw and slightly heated recipes that were featured at our Essene
event held over the Autumn Equinox '03.
Her personal diet has shifted to more and more raw foods.

For a comparision
of conventional
Challah vs.  Sacred
Challah, please see

Michael Bedar, a film maker, recorded portions of An Essene Mystical Gathering.  

The event set a tone for bringing out Essene Mystical Practices.

Michael in now the PR
Director for the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

Jewish Decendent
of the creator of the Bialy, a cousin to the Bagel, seeks Penance
See Note below!


"Making Sacred Challah:
a new Trend in hands-on
Judaism begins today
for the good of All
of Us!"
--Your Enchanted Gardener

 Sacred Challah Recipe

2 C almond flour *
1  C coconut water,
or raisin soak water
 C golden flax seeds, ground
1 C raisins, soaked in 1 C water
2 T coconut oil
2 t cinnamon
2 t nutmeg or pumpkin spice
 1  t Celtic salt
3 grains buckwheat, soaked **
 C flax seeds, ground for cutting board

Optional: 1 apple, shredded
 C almonds or pecans,
soaked and finely chopped
 to add texture and crunch
1/3 C Turkish apricots,
soaked and chopped
or 1/3 C raisins, soaked

Process raisins and apricots in a food processor; transfer to a large mixing bowl and mix in cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. Slowly add the flax meal, almond flour, and water. Add additional flax meal if consistency is not doughy. Spread a few tablespoons of flax meal on cutting board to inhibit dough from sticking. Separate the dough into three pieces. Form each piece into a roll approximately 1 to 2 inch (wide)

 Squish the tops of each piece together and then braid the three rows together. The braid should be rather tight and compact. Seal the bottom by pinching the ends together. Dehydrate at 105 for 6 to 8 hours, or longer until desired moisture and crispness is attained. Optional: glaze the outside of the bread with a few drops of olive oil before dehydrating. Or when bread is done use a coconut cream icing *To make almond flour, blend 2 C soaked almonds with 2 cups of water in a blender. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh bag. Use the liquid for almond milk. Dehydrate the almond pulp on a teflex sheet at 90 ( for 8 ñ 10 hours, or until completely dry.

**For a bread to be considered a traditional Challah it must contain a grain. We have added 3 grains of buckwheat to meet the criteria. *

Adapted by by Philip Madeley, Head Chef Tree of LIfe Cafe at the Tree of LIfe Rejuvenation Center. Recipe by Shanti Golds-Cousens in Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine Also as seen on Rainbow Green Live Food Cusine Video Order from Tree of Life on line

 A Comparison of Conventional Challah
and Sacred Challah
by Mindy Goldis,
World Peace Kitchen

The Sacred Challah has a strong life force since it is 'alive'...the nourishment it provides surpasses any types of bread that are available, even at the health food store.  Conventional Challah is usually made with eggs, flour, sugar and may be tasty, but has no nutritional value of any kind...for one, flour is congesting to the body and can also cause intestinal distress and clog the system...also the use of simple sugar can cause the body to see-saw with the levels of glucose in the body creating constant ups and downs, hypoglycemia and eventually diabetes...I could go on and I'd rather talk about the value of eating 'live' bread...the bread retains all its enzymes because all the ingredients are raw and it is only dehydrated at low temperatures (below 118 degrees)..any food that is prepared above this temperature causes the enzymes to dissipate and the quality of the food decreases as well...this is a wonderful food to be able to celebrate the shabbat with in a healthy, healing, whole and live/life food way  

To: "Mindy Goldis" <>
Dancing in the Shabbat:
Hip, Hip, Hooray
for Sacred Challah

Rav Gabiel Cousens dances in the Shabbat
and includes Making Sacred Challah as part
of his Jewish Essene practices.

 Essene Shaman
Rav Gabriel Cousen M.D.
His Grandfather invented
the Bialy

In 1911, Hyman Bedarsky (HB) came to New York from Russia. Also in 1911, Hyman Cousenitsky (HC) came to New York from Russia. HB was my great-grandfather, and HC was Gabriel Cousens' grandfather. HC came from Bialestok, Russia, so he called the pastry he invented the bialy, and offered it all over New York. HB opened a grocery store in Brooklyn. HB probably helped sell and market the HC's bialy throughout the early 20th century. Today Gabriel Cousens has invented a way to cure America of the high starch, deadening, cooked food like the bialy. I and my second cousin, Liberty, both decendants of HB, are now Gabriel's public relations director and store manager, respectively. The wheel goes round but family relations and karma remain....

 Love, Michael

Michael A.Bedar
Public Relations Director Tree of Life Foundation: Rejuvenation Center, Nature Farm, Holistic Spa, Retreat, Live-Food Cuisine Cafe, Awakened Living Shoppe, Health Practice, and College of Living Arts

"The Tree of Life experience is a 'learning journey' amidst seekers that opens the eye to what is clearly on the cutting edge of the new paradigm of physical and spiritual well-being." Mailing: P.O. Box 1080 Visiting: 686 Harshaw Road Patagonia, AZ 85624 Phone: 520-394-2520 Ext. 209 Fax: 415-598-2409

Shanti Golds-Cousens
make Sacred Vegan
Raw Challah at An

This is life giving bread, full of the ingredients that promote good health
and living on the Tree of Life.

I would like to see
 Challah, enbued with so many Blessings in the Jewish faith, made with ingredients and a process that is also life giving.

More and more of us
are allergic to wheat because we eat so much of it.

"Many of the 350.000 Patients I saw were allergic to wheat.
Nature gave us 100's of grains to choose from.
Wheat makes up 1/4 of the American diet for many people.  This explains why the body
is rebelling against wheat."

--Dr, Bernard Jensen
through his ghostwriter
Leslie Goldman
April 14, 2004

Read more about  
The Master Essene Teacher, and Grandfather of
American Iridology
at this link.

Written by Leslie Goldman for Bernard
Jensen, 1973.

All material, copyright, Leslie Goldman,
All Rights Reserved.