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Introducing the Essene Wholistic Healing Model

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Leslie Goldman, Your
Enchanted Gardener
in his backyard, 1993.

"Urban shaman,
Leslie Goldman, communes with God
in his Magic
Garden, coaxing healing from herbs and plants and writes verse blossoms
that lift the heart, touch the soul, and somehow gladden the wounded
spirit weeping in us.² --Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi

"Your words, your poems, inituitively, inherently speak an old new voice from deep within  our tradition and our faith.  
You share your very personal dialogue with God,
and touch the deeply personal in
each of us.²"
 --Rabbi Stan Levy, B¹nai Horin Community.

Seed Planting at the Enchanted Garden
Intentional Community, Mother's Day, 2004

 Thomas Franklin Daly, motivational speaker
and Enchanted Garden Club member,
once taught me an important lesson. that he learned from
Stephen Covy.    Tom was speaking about putting all our energy
 into climbing the ladder of success.
He said it was possible to reach the top only to realize
that our ladder was leaning up against the wrong building.  

 Most of us, thanks to our University Education
and the Gift of Birth in the previous Century,
have our success ladder leaning
on the Tree of Knowledge
more than the Tree of Life.
We may not be aware of the distinctions
between the two Trees.....

 The Tree of Knowledge is a part of the Tree of Life,
 but it is only the Tree of Life
that can bring us lasting Peace.  
The Tree of Life is Soul inspired
and Earth connected.
 Its fruits are tasty, organic, health making,
and love driven.  
The Tree of Life is the Way of heirloom seeds.
 We are each heirloom seeds.
Our purpose for living is to create more and more
abundant life through remembering Mother Earth¹s dictate:
 "Plant Your Dream!"

 Knowledge gives us the information
to discern the nature of the Tree
where our success ladder is perched.  
The application of knowledge to experience grows wisdom.
 Wisdom is the the "Wise Domain," Bernard Jensen taught me.
The Promised Land  begins growing
literally in our own backyard,
one teaspoon of soil at a time.
Wisdom is the consciousness that allows us each
to live in the Enchanted Garden as we SEE and TASTE
and TOUCH, and INHALE  this very moment
what will be Recorded tomorrow
as The History of Peace on Earth.

 The Essene Wholistic Healing Model
will give you philosophical and practical knowledge
 to make sure your ladder is perched on the Tree of Life.

  The Essene Wholistic Healing Model
is essential for growing Our Seeds
into the Plants we are intended to become.
The Essene Wholistic Healing Model
is essential to making Peace on Earth through
making Peace with Earth.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener


What is the PIT STOP?

The PIT Stop is an acronymn.   
PIT stands for Prophet in Training (PIT).
The PIT STOP is a reference to the Critical Moments
that Race Car drivers take to make sure their tires
our screwed on properly.  

The Invitation through Mother Earth
via Your Enchanted Gardener
is that we each take a break from our Human Racing.
This millenium is headed
POTENTIALLY  for 1000 Years of Peace
if we are EACH willing to take the Ride.

To Subscribe to the Free PIT STOP
Ezine send your Email to Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener


What does the word Essene mean?
What is the Essene Walk?

Essene means expectant.
Expectant of the return of God to Earth,
Expectant as a Mother welcoming her babe
 into the world. Pregnant as a blossom
about to burst forth,
as a blossom pregnant with Divinity.
We bring Divinity down to Earth through ourselves.
This is a path about doing what is Essential.  
This is an all sided path, expressing through
many spiritual
paths, and called many
different names. This is a Journey
of one step at a time,
leading to 1000 years of Peace.

Leslie Goldman
c/o Enchanted Garden
6008 Arosa St.
San Diego, CA 92115

Professor Edmond
Bordeaux Szekely,
Essene Renaissance
Pioneer and founder
of the Essene School
of Life at Rancho La
Puerta, 1940.

From: Your Enchanted Gardener Date: 2005/04/20 Wed PM 04:43:06 EDT To: Leslie Goldman Subject: Enoch link
"I have constantly been impressed with the similiarity between the organization and development of plant
and human life."
The Training
of the Human Plant

Material copyright, 2004, Leslie Goldman,
Please do not use without permission.