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Barley Harvest 2005
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If you plant this little grain in the earth
where it belongs, in contact with the soil,
the rain, the air, the sunshine and the light of the moon and of the stars, then, like a universe
in itself, it will begin to grow bigger and bigger.

Likewise YOU, if you would grow in knowledge
and understanding...
must go into your garden,
where you will be close to all the forces of nature
and of the universe--to the sum total of things."

 From The Essene Gospel of Peace:

"Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat, that the angel of water may enter it. Then set it in the air, that the angel of air also may embrace it. And leave it from morning to evening beneath the sun, that the angel of sunshine may descend upon it. And the blessing of the three angels will soon make the germ of life to sprout in your wheat . Then crush your grain, and make thin wafers, as did your forefathers when they departed out of Egypt, the house of bondage. Put them back again beneath the sun from its appearing, and when is is risen to its highest in the heavens, turn them over on the other side that they be embraced there also by the angel of sunshine, and leave them there until the sun be set. For the angels of water, of air, and of sunshine fed and ripened the wheat in the field and they, likewise, must prepare also your bread. And the same sun which, with the fire of life, made the wheat to grow and ripen must cook your bread with the same fire. For the fire of the sun gives life to the wheat, to the bread, and to the body" --From "The Essene Gospel of Peace,
book one.

 by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Describes a Mystical
day I had in Boulder,
Colorado during the summer of '04

"The earth is seeking
to spawn life.
We can help her
or hinder her.
The blessings is ours
when we help her in harmony. "
--Reb Zalman in
Boulder, CO
June 30, 2004
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Neat Omer
I love:

Yes, based on
the Simpsons!

Burt Bialik wheels the Barley Omer
Crop to the Healing Temple area of the
Enchanted Garden Intentional Community,
May 21, 05.  Netzach in Yesod.  The Torah
portion was on agriculture.

More Photos go here...
In the days of old when the Jewish people
had the Holy Temple, we grew Barley and wheat.
When we lost the Temple, we stopped growing
our own Barley and wheat.

I return to you your Barley and Wheat.
The Temple is may not be restored.
The Holy Temple in this days is
your body.  

Kids planting the Barley Omer at Succot with
the B'nai Horin Community in Los Angeles.

Between Passover and Shavuot, Jewish People worldwide celebrate a journey of awakening, each evening counting the Omer. Barley was originally Counted in the ancient days, as it was harvested on Passover.  Wheat was harvested around Shavuot, 49 days later.  Today, in its most exciting context, each evening we focus on a specific quality of the Tree of Life.  For  more on using Counting the Omer as a Journey of Awakening, please get a copy of
 Rabbi  Ted Falcon's book.

Grow Your Own Holy Grains...

My Essene Vision tells me that Counting of the Omer will even be more enhanced as we literally grow barley and wheat.  Plant barley late in the fall, perhaps between Succot and Chanukah.  It is a winter growing grain.  Around February, or three or more weeks before Passover, plant wheat.  Seven week after Passover, comes the holiday of Shavuot, when esoterically all the tribes gather to receive God as Lover.  Many Jewish renewal communities, have a ceremony where we wed God.  The ritual of Passage from the Narrow Places of Passover to rejoining in Community is a meaningful ritual that can be experienced by Souls of many tribes.

I see the growing of barley and wheat becoming a significant addition to the Counting of the Omer ritual.  

 For wheat  kernels grown in the Enchanted Garden, please send a contribution.
I will send you some.

Book of the Month!
by Your Enchanted

"Rabbi Ted Falcon's direct, straight-forward approach makes this marvelous practice accessible to people from all backgrounds. This is a great chance to experience kabbalistic wisdom teachings from a highly regarded master of meditation, and to transform oneself in the process." -- Rabbi David A. Cooper, author of GOD IS A VERB.
"You make the annual pilgrimage to Sinai and Revelation with this sure guide. Day by day you download more light into your being." -- Reb Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi, of the ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal, author of PARADIGM SHIFT.
 A guide for using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in Jewish Meditation. This innovative book provides support for personal and spiritual awakening, and includes practices to encourage greater self-understanding and more compassionate action in the world. A meditative approach to greater awareness by a rabbi-psychotherapist who has taught Jewish meditation for almost thirty years.
Written originally for the 49-day Omer period between Passover and Shavuot (the receiving of Torah at Mt. Sinai), A JOURNEY OF AWAKENING has been expanded for use over any seven-week period of the year.

Rabbi Wayne
of the Elijah
May 21, 05
He harvested
the Barley Crop
to help restore
the Jewish People to their Temple.

 I know an Orthodox Rabbi who once lived in my neighborhood. He was kind and friendly. I attended a dinner at the synagogue. I was stunned by the poor quality of the food, especially the bread. I heard blessing on this bread; yet how much blessing was in the bread itself? I did not know what to do with my feelings. I happened to have some wheat seeds. To increase nutritional awareness, I promised I would grow him a Challah, a loaf of bread. The day of the first year's harvest, he came over and helped me separate the wheat from the chaff. I saw a little boy come out, and more. Deep meanings in the Holy Books took on great new insight for him. Nature references became clear. Please grow some wheat seeds. Let me know what you learn...

Essene 20th
Century Prophet
He went on to other gardens
in 1979.

This would be his
100th anniverary
and Rancho
once the Essene
School of Life
is celebrating

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