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Look what Happened
to the CHrist Mas Tree!

AriellaShira, extraordinary healer, friend, and gatherer of the women prays
at Madre Grande
Monastery in preparation for

The Elijah Minyan,
a San Diego Jewish Renewal Community, meets
in the backyard
of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, around 1999

This photo is of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, two allies who I have known for many years.  
Mark would like to replant this Earth with Trees.  Mark and Jack, I sense,
are both part of Essene Soul Group activity.
  Jack and I met in the early days of the holistic health movment.  He helped bring Self esteem into the classroom, and is a old ally of one of my dearest friends,
John Vasconcellos,
the state senator
who retires in 2004.

"My Enchanted Friend, Heartfelt thanks for another Enchanted plant I love and bless it and you! I deeply appreciate your seeding our dream.¹ to sell millions. I wish the same for you."--Mark Victor Hansen, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises.

This is a photo of
the Pine Tree
that was our first
Christmas Tree back
in 1982 at the
Enchanted Garden
Intentional Community.

The Second Photos
is a pine cone for
that tree that is now
more than 30 feet high.

Can you imagine
if all our Christmas
Trees where living ones?

inspirations, "My Life
as a Christmas Tree"

TO Eliezer Ben Shlomo--Prophet of the Enchanted Garden.  Magid-
  with my blessings,  
Rabbi Zalman Schacter- Salomi,
writing at the first Kallah in Ft. Collins,
Colorado, 1997.

"Urban shaman, Leslie Goldman, communes with God in his Magic Garden, coaxing healing from herbs and plants and writes verse blossoms that lift the heart, touch the soul, and somehow gladden the wounded
spirit weeping in us" --Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi

"Your words, your poems, inituitively, inherently speak an old new voice from deep within our tradition and our faith. You share your very personal dialogue with God, and touch the deeply personal in each of us.² Rabbi Stan Levy, B¹nai Horin Community.

Jan Bishop, worked and managed Academy Books for Professor Edmond Bordeuax Szekely.  She now teaches Tai Chi at the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego.  Photo at Rancho La Puerta Eagle's Nest, early. 80's.We gathered with other Essenes to honor the Professor's gravesite.

Solomon Goldman,
my father,
blows the shofar,
If you would like
a taste of my personal experience in childhood go to this review of my book Rekindling of Faith.

Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, 20th century Essene renaissance pioneer, co-founded Rancho La Puerta with his wife, Deborah.  The fitness revolution began here in 1940.

"But he had a singular passion for the Essenes, ancient pre-Christian cult members living on the edges of the Dead Sea. He believed them to be the "world's first natural healers." Based on his understanding of their work, he founded the Essene School of Life at the isolated Baja California location."--Lynn Alley

Abraham's New Seed

I offer you
seeds to plant the
harmony in your life.  Write me
If you relate to what you read here, let me know.  We all need to rise up now to be who we are intended to be in this world that wants us to
be its Lover.


 copyright 2004, Leslie Goldman,
All Rights Reserved.