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What does the  word Essene mean?  What is the Essene Walk?

Essene means expectant.  Expectant of the return of God to Earth, Expectant as a Mother welcoming her babe
into the world. Pregnant as a blossom about to burst forth, as a blossom pregnant with Divinity.
We bring Divinity down to Earth through ourselves. This is a path about doing what is Essential.
This is an all sided path, expressing through many spiritual paths, and called many  different names.
 This is a Journey of one step at a time, leading to 1000 years of Peace.--Leslie Goldman  Your Enchanted Gardener

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historic moments
in the history of Peace on Earth,
The Essene Soul Group Awakens
and connects
to be to model the a peace course for what tomorrow
will be called history.

Such is the nature of this moment.

Are you part
of the

Stay in

Your Enchanted

Job´s Prayer

Come my friend,
Let us make no more walls and fences.
Close your eyes.  Hold hands.
Let's make peace
through asking,
listening, and affirming
the Enchanted Garden on Earth that exists deep,
deep, within us.
May we open our eyes
to peace as well,
use gardening tools to
uplift each other,
spades to confirm Peace
visibly before us.

Come, my friend,
let us taste peace in holy foods forever; smell Peace
in wild baby herbs planted where unloved weeds grow;
hear and feel its ode to joy
from the mouth of earth-like Angels as we dare to dance with water hoses.

Oh Friend--Sing me
your heartfelt  knowing
 of the Messiah
as you know the Messiah,
of an Age of Peace
we begin growing again
in harmony with Nature.
As we listen in compassion,
let's plant beauty
and friendship
that in making Life
we draw Holy Presence
into each of us.

Oh sacred child you are,
freed, restored, returned,
bringer of sunlight
who found a way to Earth,
come, let us nurture
your Seed Dream
in our shared garden.
Together,  Let's make more fertile soil.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

A Jewish man in Jerusalem from a postcard circa 1920.

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Job's Prayer, copyright, Leslie Goldman, Version 1985
All Rights Reserved.