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The Season of Wreaths

Rodriguez Family
Wreath, August 2004

It is a new season of wreaths.
 Our local farmers are still here.
The children are still smiling,
but I hear too many rumors
and see too many buried feelings
behind the outstreached arm
and the bounty of blessed food
that tells me their life is too hard.
It is us who have choice,
who are still asleep before
dawn when they arise,
 who can get up five minutes earlier
 and decide to visit them
at the Farmers' Markets
where they sell fresh foods
that are too unconventional
to make it into boxes
and where they have these wreaths.

 My heart aches for the land and its smaller farmers.
 My tears are close to the surface
 I know how very hard they are working
 to keep alive what will die if they are gone.
 Please honor the Wreaths this season.
Call and tell them you want one now,
while the fields are still growing
and there are still smiling children of family farmers.

FIve year old Elyssa, daughter of Joe
Rodriguez, Jr., third generation local
San Diego farmer, takes time out from
offering organic samples of organic melons
to play with a puppy who stopped by
their stand at the Hillcrest Farmers" Market.
August '04

 Call the Rodriguez Ranch at 760.0439
and order a wreath now.

Custom-Made Wreaths from
the Rodriguez Family are here
to add smiles to your Summer and
Fall.  Please order them now.

14" wreaths made of long-lasting
flowers, chilis, and baby pumpkins
are $35.00 plus shipping.

There are wholesale prices as well.


They have distributors who will SHIP you a wreath
 ALL over the USA this Fall.

This purchase keeps local farming in Southern Cal going. In San Diego,
 on Sundays visit the Rodriquez Family at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market,
3970 Normal St.

 From I-8: South on 163 to Washington about one exit. Watch for split. Univerity exit is to the right, Washington to the left. Washington splits into West and East. Take Washington East. Go right a few blocks to Lincoln. Turn Right one block. You will see the Farmers Market in front of you. Turn right. Park in the parking lot. I walk around, but generally can be found at the Rodriguez Family next to the music around 11:00 AM.

In WLA, visit the Farmers' Market on Saturday from 8-1 at the Santa Monica Airport.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener