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Joe the Farmer, Thanksgiving 06, Escondido, CA.
"And Joe the Farmer, never, never, never gave up."
from the story "Joe the Farmer" by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener.

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Joe the Farmer, AKA, Joe Rodriguez Jr. is a member of a
fourth generation farming family, working in alliance
with Mother Earth, to provide you the best possible
locally grown, organic foods.  

More and more shoppers are now aware, that locally grown,
fresh picked, organic is not the standard.

The Organic Center has set a goal to raise organic usage
from its current 2% to 10% national usage by 2010.

The trend is clear.  Our local Vons now has a wonderful
line of organic "O" increasing everyday, but without the
rise of "Joe the Farmers" everywhere, striving to hold
the line for locally grown foods within reach of our cities,
we will not stem the tide on Global Warming.

One out of every three trucks on the road is not bringing
food from somewhere else.  

San Diego was once a growing capital for providing food
for the world, and yet Papa Joe, Joe the Farmer's dad,
wonders daily, if it is good advice to suggest that future
generations continue farming.  The farming life is difficult
and depends on you and I being a Friend of the Farm.

Major portions of the Rodriguez Ranch were sold about
five years ago to buy out elders who wanted their share
of the valuable land; and yet Joe the Farmer is hopeful
that with your help, he can buy Rodriguez Ranch back.

The story continues...

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Leslie Goldman,Your Enchanted Gardener

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More and more people
are discovering that
The Hillcrest Farmers'
Market, 9 AM-1 PM, Sundays
at the DMV parking lot,
3970 Normal St, 92103
is a happening place.

 More and more people
are discovering that
The Hillcrest Farmers'
Market, 9 AM-1 PM, Sundays
at the DMV parking lot,
3970 Normal St, 92103
is a happening place.