Seed Dream: Through my GETTING HIP,
we are creating a Healthcare System
that GETS HIP to being
the greatest it can be.

GETTING HIP, this website of poems and inspirations,
is inspired by my journey through
bilateral hip revisions and recovery.

In December 2001 and again in January 2003,
I underwent hip surgeries to revise
Hip joint replacements that lasted 26 years.
The web site is intended to create
our places of Health Care as healing environments.
I encourage those in Health Care
and Designing Health Care
to know that everything they are doing to create
Healthcare is being appreciated.

The intent of this web site is to inspire,
to reach out to someone feeling alone,
to someone who needs to know that this
very moment they can plant seeds
for improved health and well being
through what they are doing right now.

I care,
You are not alone.

The poetry and inspirations on this website
will also appear in a booklet.
I hope you will get a copy
and give it as a gift to someone you love.

Getting Hip, the booklet,and this website
have Getting Hip Resources.

Would you like your products and services
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and included in the booklet Getting Hip?

Is there something
of your passion and livelihood
that someone sitting in a waiting room
for a healing treatment ought to see?
Is there something you have inspired
that someone looking up at a hospital ceiling
right now ought to see?

Would you like to be listed as one of the
Angels who made this booklet possible?
Please email me at

I reach you to you in friendship.
I reach out to touch the places
in you that are whole.
I accept the places that need a friend.

Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie


Roger Jahnke, author of
The Healing Promise of Qi.
Enchanted Garden Advisor Getting Hip

Roger Jahnke, in his book The Healer Within
alerts us to a new kind of American revolution,
the revolution in healthcare. Jahnke advises hospitals
about ways to add complementary approaches
to the Healthcare system.
Roger speaks about the consumer revolution
in self directed health care.
More than a trillion dollars a year in America
are spent each year for Healthcare.
More than 1/2 of this, he says, could be spent
for other purposes if each of us take our health
in our own hands and realize
that we have a healer within.
Insurance companies are becoming aware:
patients involved with self-improvement
and complementary modalities has economic benefits
and can save them money.
Hospitals are aware:
Tons of money are going to practitioners
of Traditional and Integrative Modalities;
It is inevitable that they will take their stand
along side our master surgeons and dedicated nurses.
I am grateful to my surgeon
the extraordinary man-made technology he knows.
I am grateful that he appreciates
my poetry.
I am grateful for the clinic
where I receive regular acupuncture treatments.

Most of all, I am thankful for whatI know
about Nature's Original Technology
--that works through each of us
to mend and keep us in good health.

Health Care as we know it
is undergoing a revolution.
You can be part of this evolution
because you are taking charge,
as much as possible, of your health
Faced with two Hip Revisions,
I set out to create the Hospital
as a Healing Haven.
I created a powerful positive experience.
So can you.
This is an important time in your life.
You deserve comfort
This can also be
a time for transcendence.
I have been where you are headed.
You are not alone as you prepare for your hospital
adventure that can be more than you ever imagined possible.

"My Dear Leslie, Thinking of you
I dreamed my hip was gone
and I could not fly down the basketball court
I could not get out of bed
to stand with my guitar and sing songs of peace
but just lie in recovery
stuck with needles dripping things into me
drugged in my dream
you stole my hip as I tried to dribble by singing
"What is your wish, what is your dream"?
And you drove the full length of the court
running like Kobe in great gallop
your new hip working fluidly
you were the one flying
and sweetly swishing your poems
into the heart of humanity
you won the crowd over
and I rejoiced with them your new found serge
of poetry in motion
and then I woke up to realize it was not my hip you stole
but in my profound love and prayers for you to be whole
all the while it was my heart
and you returned it to me inspired
by the deep reach of your gardener's spade."
--Stephen Longfellow Fiske, author and minstrel


This is Morea Garcia.
A dear friend, she stayed over both nights
at my home the night before my early morning surgery.
She made sure I got to the hospital on time.
She stayed at the hospital during my surgeries
and held the space for my good recovery and healing.
She was with me when I awoke from surgery.
She spent both first nights with me. This is the quality of care
that each person deserves when they undergo surgery.
I send my good intentions that each person spending time
reading this have such care when they need it. Morea is quite a healer. She does bodywork as well. If you live in San Diego County,or would like her services at your conference, I would like to recommend her. Her cell phone is 760.809.1798.

Pain in Paradise

I Have This Vision

I have this vision
I'm climbing up this cliff
by my fingernails, elbows, and arms from a pit.
That it seems I go it alone while I'm doing it
is an illusion and the rub.
I'm not doing it alone or for myself alone.
This is the reality that around me
is the spirit of everything good
wanting me to climb out.
As I raise myself, I raise everyone
and some part of me knows this
and some part in everyone knows this.
I hear screams and cheers peptalking me on,
coming in every form
and I know I'm going to make it
for dear life.
May 29, 1981

How's Your Pain?
The most frequent
question I hear
from my hospital bed is How's Your Pain?
This poem comes to mind.

What is pain?

Pain is a calling out from within,
a loud yet silent yearning,
telling us we have not lived fully.
We have missed something.
We have not grasped
the meaning of the moment somewhere,
that will lead us,
when we do,
to the paradise
of self-fulfillment.

What is paradise?

Paradise is full knowledge
and acceptance
of self lived out.

What is self-fulfillment?

Self-fulfillment is the willingness
to live in paradise.
Pain confirms life is intentional; purposeful.
Life cannot be avoided,
short circuited, or
short changed.
We owe life;
its price is that we live.

Pain suggests the necessity
to live sacredly.
Life demands our complete attention
to this responsibility; and to each detail.

As we do, life delivers us joy.
Life is inseparable from us.
Life is us asking we be conscious of life.
Pain will never leave us fully
until we embrace paradise;
Pain confirms we are meant,
we are intended,
to live in paradise.

June 22, 1981

(c) Leslie Goldman,


I see my purpose in life as Peace Work.
I have had arthritis most of my life.
I call myself an Enchanted Gardener.
I was born to plant 1000 years of Peace.
I am propelled by a deeper poetry, a deep soul,
that from time to time runs through me.
In these times when I feel my purpose,
I go beyond my disabiling condition.

Through my eyes,
I am recording a History
of Peace on Earth,
a History of our Renewed Earth
and its Human Flowering.
Our Renewed Earth
is the Enchanted Garden,
and You and I, its Gardeners.

"I believe we are disoriented
because we are not
expressing latent buried talents and faculties.
We are mad within ourselves.
I believe a mad person can do
criminal things. We're at war with ourselves
and that is why we're at war with everyone else.
And, where does peace begin,
if it doesn't begin within ourselves?"
--Dr. Bernard Jensen

I Caused the War

I caused the War.
I apologize.
God gave me an entire Garden
with everything I could possibly
need except experience.
I wanted to know more.
When my Beloved offered me
lovelyfruit from the Tree of Knowledge,
I bite into it.
She was innocent. She meant no harm.

I loved that fruit. It made good Smoothies,
but Iate too much an d got indigestion.
They my mind got out of hand.
I thought I did something wrong.
I went into hiding.
God came to find me out.
God said, where are you?
I was ashamed of my nakedness
when He came calling
I put on clothes.
I confess. I have had a lot of fears
since that have controlled me.

Today is a new day.
Going into hiding caused me and you
a lot of pain.
Pretending I do not know your every thought
and you my every thought
caused us both a lot of pain.
I have once again taken up residence
in the Enchanted Garden.
I welcome you to join me living here.
I welcome you to end War right now.
AllI can say is Plant Your Dream!
The world will be a more beautiful place.
I promise to not spend all my time worrying
and fretting about the missing Peace.
I know I am the missing Peace.
I promise to come out of hiding.
Will you join me in being
the Missing Peace too?

Leslie Goldman
January 22, 2003

The Day President Bush was given the power
to make War on Iraq

Subject:Burying Our Dead

I go meatless most of the time.
Occasionally, a Rocky Organic Chicken Dog
slips down the gullet
in honor of childhood's favorite foods Mom made.
Rare meat I buy, even the 22% hamburger
intended to eat raw, ends up going into the
freezer to be dealt in the Eternal Hereafter.

Down the street, not too far away,
is a friend who I have not visited in years.
He treats me with utmost respect.
His name is Hani. He is Arab.
He speaks better Hebrew than I do.

He was born in Bethlehem, a city
noted for its other Star.
Hani's kindness
and respect for all humanity
is clear from the wide clientele
who come into Near East Foods
in various traditional garbs to buy his very,
very,fresh Lamb in all its body parts.

Women whose face I cannot see:
Men who speak languages I do not understand;
Dark skinned and happy children who wonder
why I walk the way I do--
all these shop at Haniís
among the bagged basmati rice
and familar labeled herbs and seeds I know by
fragrance but cannot decipher by foreign label.

Hani's children are grown now.
His son is no doubt a basketball star
for some local high school,
but the moment I enter his store,
Hani will remember
me by name and wonder about
the distant travels that have kept us apart.

Today we are both in thoughts of War
but neither of us imagines that somebody very,very
different has volunteered to be our enemy.

A few men who maybe never got
suckled enough decide events that will influence
the lives of all us shopping here.

I know if I call Hani and
ask for a delivery of the Lamb he will bring it.

We will sit and talk.
We will wonder about the influence
of grown men who behave as fighting boys,live in White Houses
and ask we bury our dead.
We will know without saying
that his dead and my dead
will be the same dead.

Something inside wants to see my dear friend Hani.
Something in me is calling out for the Lamb.

Leslie Goldman
nine days after GETTING HIP 2

January 24, 2003
7:31 AM

Let us seek truth everywhere;
let us cull it wherever we can find
its blossom or its SEED.
Having found the seed,
let us scatter it to the winds of heaven.
Where ever it may come,
where ever it may blow,
it will germinate.
There is no lack
in this wide universe
of souls that will form
the new ground."
--Roman Rolland
From The Forerunners. 1917

Romain Rolland was a French novelist,
dramatist, essayist,
mystic, pacifist, who was awarded Nobel Prize
for Literature in 1915.
He was co-founder of the International Biogenic Society
with Edmond Bordeaux Szekely,
the 20th Century Essene Renaissance Pioneer.

May God grant me the honor of following in the foots steps of both these men through Getting Hip.

50 years from now,
most of the material objects
I am attached to now will be gone.
I will be in another place.
And so I ask, What is the most
I can do with Now?

Getting Hip 2:
The Return Engagement
of the Party
to the
Thornton Hospital
15-19, 2003

I asked my nurse
at the Thornton Hospital
to write me a love note
when I left the hospital
at the end of Getting Hip 1,
Beloveds were with me
in my private room day
and night. My nurse called
me a party animal.
from Leslie's Garden ManagementJournal,
December 23, 2001.

Leslie at the Pacific Symposium,
November 2002.Leslie gave an opening
and closing ceremony, and danced.

Getting Hip 2 is now Official

GETTING HIP 2 is now official.
My return "engagement" to the
state-of-the-art Thornton Hospital
was January 15-19.

My original hip replacements
were in 1975.

I experienced a lot of improvement
between Getting Hip 1 In December of 2001 and Getting Hip 2 January 15.

I had Beloveds with me every night in my private room
during both surgeries.

Don Cirlin made four hours of video
for a GETTING HIP Video production.

By my presence at Thornton Hospital, a teaching Hospital in the UC Medical Center,
I intended to advance the Seed Dream that
the Hospital could be a Healing Haven.

Holding an intention larger than my own discomfort allowed me to make the most of this experience.


I witnessed benefits of using specific natural supplements in the healing process. I was able to go right from Morphine to Boiron's Arnica Montana 30x, a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are very popular in many countries. They have no side effects.
Before I entered the hospital, and during my stay, I supplied the hospital kitchen Chef with natural foods from my local farmer friends. I intend to return to the hospital and create an "organic day" that serves natural foods to the doctors and staff.

January 8, 2003
Six Days Before Surgery:


To lift my spirit, I wrote this
mock up press release and sent it to my friends.
I carried my poem SOUL MATES with me into
surgery preparation. I read it to the nurses.

Enchanted Gardener Offers
Alimony Vaccine at the Thornton Hospital
January 15-19

Mrs. Dalya Miri Ralston

"I do not believe there is an end
in sight between us, merely different
hues of colored light, adding
up to ways to love me deeper
through my courage to keep
loving you.
This is the game.
This is the real game."

from the poem SOUL MATES
By Leslie Goldman

Leslie Goldman's popular poem,
SOUL MATES, deep words that every woman
wants to hear, may be purchased
at the Thornton Hospital, January 15-19
from Leslie's bedside.
Leslie, Our Enchanted Gardener,
will be in Residence at the hospital
GETTING HIP 2, his long awaited
left side Hip Revision.

Leslie's poem is the centerpiece of his
presentation,Vitamin "L" is for Love
The workshop is also called "Minding Your Assets"
by Andrew Ralston MD, internist with privileges at Long
Beach Memorial Hospital.

Andrew, Dalya Miriam's husband
says Leslie's poem is a lot cheaper
than the high cost of having a bad day with your wife.
Don Cirlin, videographer of the GETTING HIP
video, calls leslie's Poem "Alimony Vaccine."
Special coaching sessions
on "How to Mind Your Assets"
may be arranged on appointment basis
for staff doctors and nurses while Leslie is at Thornton Hospital, or to anyone who wants
to give a call, after the 20th, at 619-582-9669.

His popular poetry plaque comes laminated
and sells for $6.99 plus Sales Tax in CA.

it may be purchased as well through this
Paypal. The Paypal
includes $3.85 for mailing, so order more
than one.

in your Team:

For good health, stay in touch
with those who inspire you.

State Senator John Vasconcellos,
and California Governor Gray
Davis. The Enchanted Gardener
in the middle is me. August Ď02
at the Governorís reception,

John Vasconcellos,
was a great support during

John Vasconcellos began consciously working on his personal growth the same time he entered politics. He inspires me with what one person can do. He brought the Self Esteem movement into the political arena. He will be "termed" out in less in 2004 after many years of true government service. His legacy is called The Politics of Trust, a national movement. One of his key projects is Preparing California for the 21st century. A Healthy Healthcare System is an essential part of Preparing California for the 21st Century.

Between Getting HIp 1 and 2, I was determined to have positive experiences. On one crutch, I flew up to Northern California to meet John. I stayed at his apartment for a week in August of 2002. One evening, he took me along to some farewell parties for a former legislative aid. We were dressed in street clothes. John got the inspiration to take us to the Governor's reception. I came to Sacramento to heal my own political disengagement. I did not know anything about the Governor, only that he was under intense pressure because of upcoming budget considerations. Once we were at the reception, the John asked if I would like to meet the Governor. I said yes. I gave him a lot of compassion, presence, and enthusiasm. I told him a little about myself. He said, "How would you like to be our historian?" I said, "No, I would like to be Your Enchanted Gardener." They have a lovely park right outside the California state Capital. I envisoned there being an Enchanted Garden there. This would be a place where the legislators could go and smell some aromatic herbs and dig in the soil before making such intense decisions. An intimate portrait of John, in digital images
can be found
on my Photo Website.


Dr. William Bugbee, my surgeon,
and visiting scholar,
Bajun in Jang MD from Korea.
GETTING HIP party animal in the middle.

Lee and Ruth Forman
dear friends.
Ruth and Lee moved from the city
to Nevis Island, their very own
Enchanted Garden. I often get
flustered with record keeping.
Lee comes to my aid to calm me down.


Accept your down days.
Write out your feelings.
Share them with friends and loved ones.
You will be surprized to find that others,
who are in touch with their feelings
will be having down days too.

Thank you for being
a Friend of the Enchanted Garden.

My presence in this world is supported
by Members of the Enchanted Garden Club,
my Sponsors,
and Friends of the Enchanted Garden.
My Presence Here is a by-product
of the Works of Art I create
that you are invited to purchase
and share with Your Loved Ones.
Thank you for reading my poems.
If you want to know more
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The Enchanted Garden
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John Vasconcellos, Politics of Trust

Preparing California for the 21st Century:
"Here's a link to our Committee Web site, which includes background materials
on the Principles of inclusion and our other projects:

--Heather Barbour

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