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Photography and Poetry
 for your Office

These are artworks available for your office.  
I am exploring various sizes as well as postcards.
Let me know what size you would like!

In you, I see  the flowers I love
so much in the garden,

Whisper. You will hear seed dreams growing.

Push Hands by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

Prints of my photos for you office
or digital images for your web site
may be ordered by writing Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

mailto: Plant Your

Poetry BY Leslie Goldman

"Urban Shaman, Leslie Goldman, communes with God
in his Magic garden, coaxing healing from herbs
and plants and writes verse blossoms that lift
the heart, touch the soul and somehow gladden
the wounded spirit weeping in us."
--Rabbi Zalman M.Schacter-Shalomi

Leslie Goldman's Rekindling of Faith is a
poetic statment played through an instrument
narled by physical hardship, yet sung
in a voice of acceptance."
--Paul Brenner, M.D. author

"You write as I would wish to write if I were a poet.
You remind me of Hans Shan Cold Mountain Poems.
--Jonathan Freedman, Pulitzer Prize Journalist.

Over the years, my poetry
has been recorded in the inside
front cover of the speakers' handbook
for the Pacific Symposium, an international
assembly of future and current practitioners
within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

A number of these poems were
originally featured in Rekindling of Faith
and are here on this site.

The book is $25.00
and will be reproduced
if enough requests come in.
The book can make a significant
movement of Chi--life force--in you
and your patients.

It speaks to my overcoming
of eating disorders, and finding
the inspiration that moves energy.

Here are some sample poems and
a review that appeared in the
Whole Life Times Magazine:

This is the Way of the Gardener
I'm coming into my Self
There will be a tomorrow.
Job's Prayer

Rekindling of Faith--Book Review