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Planting TCM Through Us on and in American Soil
Enchanted Garden Activities

The PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM is one of  the most successful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Conferences in the nation.  Held each Fall in San Diego, as Your Enchanted Gardener, I,
with the help of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community and Staff, provide healing ambiance
 for the event in the form of flowers, plants, and other natural productsto enhance the environment.
 At Pacific Symposium '03 The Enchanted Garden theme was Seeds and Sounds.
We  introduced Visionary Music to the community of the conference.
The features artists were Jonathan Goldman, Olivia Melodie, and Linda Hill.
I  led the opening and closing ceremony, and, as is the tradition,  I had one of my poems featured in the inside
front cover of the Speakers Handbook.  A list of Enchanted Garden  sponsors is also included
at the bottom of the inside front cover.  In my travels through the year,
I select Products that support the theme that has been chosen.
I  see  the Pacific Symposium as an important tool to influence Health Care in America
through inspiring the lives of TCM practitioners with the Enchanted Garden Message.

Enchanted Garden Seed Dreams include:

Encouraging students of TCM to grow at least one TCM herb and one vegetable.
Near 200 seed
packets were distributed
from Seeds of Change and Horizon Herbs.

 Introducing the students to Leslie Healing Poetry Plaques and other materials that enhance and improve relationship skills both for the practitioners and their clients.

Introducing practitioners to Enchanted Garden Chi Raising Remedies as expressed through his books.  Numbers of practitioners  join the Enchanted Garden Club.

Inspiring the local students of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine campus to shop the local farmers' market.

Photo:  Planting Seed Dreams was one of the Enchanted Garden offerings.
Near 36 practitioners joined the Enchanted Garden Club in '02-'03.