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Altar Sponsors--Pacific Symposium '06

Altar Sponsors 2006
Invite is out to the my friends
at the American Acupuncture Council
to Join us as a Sponsor of the
2006 Altar:

The Pacific Symposium is one of the premiere
conferences held in America each Fall.
The conference, located in my home city of San Diego,
provides an opportunity  to influence students
and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
with Enchanted Garden messages.  My goal
here is to invite each attendee to grow one herb
and one vegetable from seed or seedling as a way
 to help plant TCM in American soil.
A Speaker's Handbook is giving to each attendee.
I have a poem in the Inside Front Cover each year
 and an Advertisement in this Speaker's Handbook
The following one page  shows the Poem on the inside
front cover:

Plant Your Dream Blog
Thank You's to Pacific Symposium Altar Sponsors '06

Altar Photos on the Plant Your Dream Blog

Links to Sponsors:

American Acupuncture Council

Crane Herb Company

Kenshin Trading Company

Pacific BioLogic

T.I.D. Health
Retail Ordering

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine,
Pacific Symposium

Horizon Herbs, source of Medicinal and
herbs used in TCM

Gold Mine Natural Foods, source of fine grains
and fine quality natural foods, online catalog.
For photos and writing of Jean Richardson, founder,
please see this link.

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Garden Sponsors: