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Members Pledge:

Oh patient Mother Earth,
let us walk together more closely.
My own fertile, flowering seed dreams
are your fulfillment and renewal.
Remind me that all natural things
on Earth grow from seeds that touch soil,
as do I. Open in me the wisdom
contained in a tiny seed
that I might experience
how my dreams grow naturally.
The Enchanted Garden,
a name for the new Earth
 growing through me,
starts here and now!

 Signed: _____________________________________

this Declaratioa commen
 Joining the Enchanted Garden Club:

 We have been given
the most amazing natural
technology that begins with Seeds.  
Our Seeds are here on Earth to make a more beautiful world.  The Earth says, "Plant a Seed.
 Grow a whole new world!"  

Our very lives, our very Earth, is asking us now to join together and support each other as Enchanted Gardeners of our Dreams.

 The Enchanted Garden,
a name for our renewed Earth, will grow before
your eyes.   Are you with me?

--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Suggested Annual Subscription
 is $144.00  to $18.00 per year,
and $500.00 to $100.00
for Sponsorships.

Please choose the buttons you
wish, or write Leslie to discuss
other proposals.

Please  choose
one of these subscription buttons:

Sponsors Catagories:


$100.00 Enchanted Garden Club
Sponsor Catagory:

Member Catagories
Two Dreams Come True per Year!

$18.00 for the year:

$36.00 for the year:

$72.00 for the year:

$100. for the year:

$144.00 for the year:

$18,00 per month ($216.00 per year)
You will be billed by Paypal each month.

To subscribe or contribute
 at other levels,
please contact Leslie Goldman

Barters and other products are also welcome
and/or as a trade for membership and sponsorship.

For Snail mail:
Leslie Goldman
c/o Enchanted Garden
6008 Arosa St.
San DIego, CA 92115

Contributions for

Suggested Contribution
to support Enchanted  Garden
Projects for digital image

Go here to order
Job's Tears,
seeds of Life Fulfillment.

Go here to
order Words that Men
need to know and Women
want to Hear,
The Seven Love Cure Plaques.

For more Super Ripe images
Order Leslie's

A Message to You from
Your Enchanted Gardener

Today I am Planting My Dream!
Today I am Planting
a Beautiful Tomorrow!

To activate your Membership
in the Enchanted Garden Club,
please plant a seed or baby plant.
Plant one heirloom vegetable and one
heirloom herb from seed or seedling.

Seal your membership in
this branch of the Enchanted Garden
Club by saying this prayer below
as you plant your Seeds and Plants and your
Seed Dreams.  Say this prayer each
time you plant Seeds and Seed Dreams:

Sacred Seed!
Sacred Plant!
I hold you in my hands,
and hold you as my future.
Thank you for representing
wishes I am planting.
As you grow,
so will my seed dreams.
Growing you will help me
celebrate the harvest in my life.
Thank you for reminding me
I am a sacred seed.
Thank you for reminding me
that the universe thrives as I thrive.
Today we grow
a new Enchanted Garden,
a renewed Earth!

What  is your Seed Dream
that will grow as your plant grows?

How Grows it and your life now?
What will you be harvesting
from the Seed you are planting NOW?

What will you be celebrating
three months from NOW?
Write this out in your Garden Management Journal.

Please send me a copy if you would like me
to empower your Seed Dream.

 Learn More about How to Plant Your
Dream through these links.

Congratulations Enchanted Garden
 Member 2007-2008!

Please sign a copy of this Membership.
Copy and paste it into an E-mail and send it to

There is no c

About six months ago
this patch of beauty
growing in the
 Enchanted Garden
was a tiny packet
of Gallardia seeds.  
Look how easy it is to grow
 beauty in the world?
  Let us grow
 the Enchanted Garden
together, dear friend.

Leslie Goldman
 Your Enchanted Gardener

Thank you for allowing me
to be Your Enchanted Gardener.