Photo Images of a World
at Peace

Through my eyes,
I sense I am recording
a history of peace on earth,
a history of the earth
and its human flowering.
Our renewed Earth is the
Enchanted Garden,
and you and I, it¹s gardeners.
--Leslie Goldman
Enchanted Gardener

Digital Images and Photography Resources--
Leslie Goldman, Enchanted Gardener

The digital images I see through my lens
are often inspired.  They come  with a blessing
that your Deepest Seed Dreams come True!

I see you  RIPE with Success!

"I deeply appreciate your seeding our dream.'
to sell millions. I wish the same  for you."
--In friendship,
Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup for the Soul  co-creator

When I look through my lens,
I am looking to see the Heart and Soul
behind the image.

 I feature my favorite SUPER RIPE PICKS here:

My photos are for sale to the person
in the image.
Photography supports various
Enchanted Garden Projects
to grow 1000 years of Peace.

"Your photographs are precious!"
--Barbara Gaughen-Muller

"Leslie Goldman is the best photographer
on the planet!
Well Done!"  
--Rick Frishman,
publicist for Chicken Soup for the Soul
S80 million sold.

"Leslie Goldman is an unusually
good photographer. He helps people enjoy
having their picture taken.
He takes both action and still pictures of you,
as well as you with your attendees.
Your attendees can buy his photos,
or arrange in advance for them to be taken home.  
As they use photos of you with themselves,
you receive unlimited publicity.

Leslie's pictures are valuable to use
on your web site and in any publicity
material.   Here is a new idea to enrich your seminar!²
--Dottie Walters,
Walters Speaker Services

Phone 626-335-8069, Fax 626-335-6127,

I am also available to photograph
life cycle events.  Here are some
images from

Elyssa's Bat Mitzvah
A sample of a Digital Bat Mitzvah