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108 pages,
hand assembled
signed and numbered.

Rekindling of Faith
absorbs some of life's suffering for
all of us."-- Paul Brenner, M.D.

“Urban Shaman,
Leslie Goldman, communes with God
in his Magic Garden, coaxing healing from herbs and plants
and writes verse blossoms that lift the heart, touch the soul and somehow gladden the wounded spirit weeping in us.”
--Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi
author of
Jewish with FeelingZayde Jewish Renewal Movement

“May we each become hardeners tilling the soil
of Leslie’s sweet dream.” --Rabbi Wayne Dosick,
Rabbi Elijah Minyan author
Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children (and Adult Indigos, Too!): The Practical Guide and Handbook (Hardcover)

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The Seven Love Cures:

Post Card 8 1/2 x 11 inch
#4 of The Seven Love Cures
$9.00 + Shipping.

Laminated plaques are $9.00 each.
Seven Poetry Plaques are available
as a set for $60.00 + shipping.

These are words that men
need to know and women want to hear.
They are meant to be read out loud.
They will shift your relationships.

Order Poetry Plaques

Sign the World Peace
Celebration Declaration
of Interdependence.

Order this beautiful 8x10
copy of this Declaration
for $20.00.

Plant Your Dream!
Book One

Online Lessons
and Book One
are being put on line.

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Limited First Edition
$39.00 plus $5.00 Handling
Hard copy limited edition
copies will be available summer
'06.  Place an order now.
Hand assembled, ten high quality

Plant Your Dream!  main page
Enchanted Garden Teachings
Testimonials and Letters

About six months ago,
this patch of beauty
growing the Enchanted Garden
was a tiny packet of seeds.
Look how easy it is to grow more beauty
in the world.

 Dear friend, will you join me
 in growing the Enchanted Garden?

Seeds of Job's Tears
Pay $3.00 for a packet of 15 seeds,
plus $2.00 shipping and mailing.

Or make a more substantial contribution
for these Seeds that come to Bless
the Fulfillment of your Deepest Dreams.

Each order comes with free
 where you may
record your dreams that
are intended to grow as the
Seeds grow.

Use this Pay Pal Here
to order, or send your money

Leslie Goldman
c/o Enchanted Garden
6008 Arosa St.
San Diego, CA 92115

FREE organically grown  Job's Tears,
 Seeds of Life Fulfillment come with each book

The Collectors Edition of
Book One will be Available again
in by Spring.

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