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The following are
related sites the
record the development
a Seed Dream:

Through my GETTING HIP,
we will create Health Care
GETTING HIP to being
the greatest it can be.

In Winter of 2001 and 2002,
as Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman,
I spent time at the State of the Art
Thornton Hospital in La Jolla.

Dr. William Bugbee,  
my surgeon, calls me now one of his
star patients.  When it was time
for the UCSD Medical Center to
make plans to build its new Osteo-
Arthritis Center,  Dr. Bugbee
called me in for a special evening
where  Edward W. Holmes,
Vice Chancellor, Dean of the
School of Medicine, spoke of
the plans to create one of the
finest health care facilities in
the world.

I gave my blessings and
knew that one day I would come
to see my own poetry offering
great inspirations to other patients
who needed to undergo hospital

I dream that one day
I will come to see an
Enchanted Garden room
in a state of the art hospital
where patients can have their
recovery enhanced by sound therapy
and natural ambiance.

You can read about
Getting Hip here:

This is a message
that will appear in GETTING
HIP, my poetry and prose
booklet.  The booklet will
feature RESOURCES for
products, and ideas
to make the most of your
Hospital visit.


Welcome to GETTING HIP.
I am here to be Your Enchanted Gardener
I am here to be a guide
through the place where you are now.
I am here to invite you to join me
in seeing what is happening to us now
in another way.

GETTING HIP, a web site in progress
and these poems for a GETTING HIP booklet,
were inspired by my need
for Hip Revisions.

I invite you to GET HIP with me, even if your
Hips feel fine.  Maybe its your shoulder
 or immune system that is calling for attention.
I¹m sharing my journey
with you.  Feel free to
write back. Feel free to share your
Journey with me.

GETTING HIP resources

The Journey of a Rose,
Leslie at the Symposium
on Health Care

This website was inspired
by my mentor, William
Spear, who invited me  to attend
a Symposium on Health Care
Design, in Spring 2003,
an event that was being held
at the Loew's Coronado Resort.

I  discovered that leading
edge Health Care facilities were
adding gardens to their designs.

Support for those in the Healthcare setting,
patients, nurses, aids, staff, nurses, doctors,

While at the Thornton Hospital in
La Jolla, I made friends
with the Chef in the kitchen.
I delivered organic foods
to the hospital before my stay.
These foods were prepared
in the hospital kitchen and served
me and my visitors.  I
gave farm fresh foods to the staff
of nurses and aids while I
was in the hospital.

Visit the Friend of the Farm

I believe that not knowing
who is growing our food, is like
being intimate with a stranger.
Be sure to help the local farmers
in your bioregion by supporting
your local Farmers Market.

This site honors the community
of local Farmers who are vendors
at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market in
San Diego.

This web site aims to
record a
Changing Shopping Pattern,
as more and more of us
support our local Farmers' Market
This site is a case study in friendship:

The Enchanted Garden
at the Pacific Symposium:

Each year I, with the help of
friends, create an Enchanted
Garden at the Pacific Symposium,
an International Conference of
Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I  believe we can grow
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbs here in American soil.

Here's the story:

Planting TCM in American Soil