Job's Tears Plant Growing

by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener


Job's Tears grown by
Leslie Goldman are available
for .20 cents each.
Minimum order $3.00
plus $4.00 postage and packaging.

Each order comes with a free
seed card where you may
record your dreams that
are intended to grow as the
Seeds grow.

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$3.00 a packet of 15 Seeds:

$30.00 a packet of 15 Seeds:
Includes Plant Parenthood
Adoption Papers and one year
membership in the Enchanted Garden Club.
Three Dreams come true per year with
each yearly membership.

$300.00 a packet of 15 Seeds:

Includes Plant Parenthood
Adoption Papers and one year
membership in the Enchanted Garden Club.
Three Dreams come true per year with
each yearly membership.

One hour Counseling session
with Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener,
twice a year.

Thank you for taking this
opportunity to Plant Your Dream!

Thank you for making it possible
to for their to be one more Enchanted Gardener
in the world.

Job's Tears:
Planting the Seed of Life Fulfillment

"When I drive home,
there are books and articles
to waiting to be written.
forsaking these for the moment,
I garden in my yard for the next two days,
arranging my living space in harmony.
Suddenly I realize that all of this is
because I met up with the Enchanted
Gardener and joined his vision,
and what's more, his family.
From a bright red envelope,
I take the shiny round seed he gave me.
I place it in a fresh new garden,
pressing it into the warm, moist
earth.  As Leslie Goldman, would say,
"Today I am planting my dream!
Today I am planting a beautiful

From an article by
Paul Froemming
in the Montecito Journal

My aspiration, my Intention, my commitment,
my inner work, my patience, my good works
--my tears--have added up to this,
a unique Jewel-like seed that expresses
my deepest seed dreams.
Look at this seed.
 Nature has made it to fulfill a purpose
and to sustain the next generation!  
The surface is firm, strong, shiny!
The insides are open at both ends
 from top to bottom and produce a resilient
seed that easily strings together into a necklace
with other seeds. The seed reminds us,
 I am your harvest of dreams.
All you have accomplished has come to this--
a single seed, again awaiting new planting!
What will the new season bring?
The Soil has been worked and prepared.
The underground world of our being addressed.
The rocks have been tended,
some broken into dust to sustain the new creation!
What Joy, what harvest will the world see next year,
through this new planting?

About Job's Tears

 Job's Tears are a multi-culturally appreciated seed.
 To grow them, is to bless and be blessed by the spirit
of every culture that has appreciated them.   
According to folk history they have been used
as rosary beads. They grow naturally in Hawaii,
and echo Lemuria. Nutritionally, their cousins,
Hato Mugi, are used as a natural
preservative in popular health drinks,
and are said in folk medicine to be a
preventative against degenerative illnesses.  
These are the ornamental form
of Job's Tears.

How to Grow

     Job's Tears are a good beginner's plant.
They do not have to be tended every day.
These seeds grow easily. Place in the soil,
close to the surface.  They germinate in
 two weeks, or less when the climate
is warm.

I suggest planting some in the Fall in warm
climates and some in the Spring, when you
live in a colder climate.
They love sunlight and water, and will spread.
In colder climates, grow indoors.  
They prefer an outdoor spot
and will grow perennially, five feet tall or more.  
The bamboo-like leaves are used in winter arrangements.
Job's Tears come into harvest in summer
and early Fall.

They will make seeds in a pot of good soil,
even on a balcony,  and can produce many seeds.

Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood is the name I give to gardening
that aims to grow the Enchanted Garden.
Through Plant Parenthood, the earth teaches me
how to piece my life together as I cultivate the petals
of wisdom inherent in my soul and every
living seed. The seed is the physical equivalent
of my soul growing in soil. I grow peace, as I piece together.
 Through growing seeds in a holy way, I
renew the connection between my divine nature
 reflected in natural creation.
When I plant in this way, I grow the Enchanted Garden,
 a name for the new earth.  The new earth,
a peaceful planet, grows one plant at a time, one
person at a time, from inside each person, organically.
 Through Plant Parenthood, I  mark important life cycle moments
and affirm my life's fulfillment.  Peace in my life, and in the world,
is an outgrowth of my joy.  Joy grows as we see our seed dreams grow.
 Peace is also the end result of my courage to open.  
On days I feel tested, when nothing seems
to be growing in my life, I let watering be a
reminder that something beautiful is growing
 and mending my life!  On days I am forlorn,
 I feel my feelings, and then return to the garden.
 Growing seeds, I nurture and reconnect with
my "inner plant nature," the primal, essential,
 organo-vegetative side in me that is a part of
Nature¹s Original Technology.  
"Vegetating" precedes "Doing" when I live
naturally. Growing seeds,
 I am feeding my dreams from the ground up.
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener,
is an extraordinary voice for the rebirth of Mother Earth.
He speaks out for the reinvention of Nature¹s Original
Technology, the technology of Soul patterns,
passion, and down-to-earth pleasures in our lives.   
In 20 or more years evolving enchanted gardening,
 Leslie has developed an intuitive relationship with the planet.  
This relationship begins in our own back yard, he teaches.  Gardening is Leslie¹s spiritual, poetic, and mystical practice.  
 Rising up through nature contact, he was once totally
crippled.  His inspiring example leads people
to a whole new way of experiencing vitality
and life-energy inside,
 in their relationships and around them.

Life Long Learning Opportunity

I share with you Job's Tears.
Send me back 18 of the next generation
and a journal entry
of what you learn about living
in the Enchanted Garden,
a name for the renewed Earth.
You are gardening your inner Seed
Dreams in the Enchanted Garden.
You are gardening your inner
Seed Dream in Harmony
with Nature.  Growing them
will bring you life fulfillment.
I promise.  Plant a Seed,
Grow a Whole New World!

Job's Prayer:

 "... And Every Living
Thing Turns out O.K."

Come my friends,
 let us make no more walls and fences.
Close your eyes.  Hold hands.
Let's make peace through asking,
listening, and affirming the Enchanted Garden
on Earth that exists deep, deep, within us.
May we open our eyes to peace as well,
use gardening tools to uplift each other,
spades to confirm peace visibly before us.

Come, my friends,
let us taste peace
in holy foods forever;  smell Peace
 in wild baby herbs planted
where unloved weeds grow;
hear and feel its ode to joy
from the mouth of Earth-like
 Angels as we dare to dance
 with water hoses.
Oh Friend--Sing me your heartfelt knowing
of an age of peace we begin growing again
in harmony with nature.
As we listen in compassion,
let's plant beauty
 and friendship that in making life
we draw holy presence into each of us.
Oh sacred child you are, freed,
restored, returned,
bringer of sunlight who found
a way to Earth, let us nurture
your Seed Dream in our shared garden.
Together,  let's make more fertile soil.

"Job's Prayer,"  this poem,
 is a Chi Raising Remedy
for Vitality and Growing
 1000 Years of Peace on Earth.
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Paul Froemming,
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