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A Message from Your Enchanted Gardener

We have it in us to create a world of Peace on Earth.  Through the choices we make now,
our Souls and Our future Kin will be able to look back
and see that through our lives today we Recorded a history of Peace on Earth.  We are remembering how to grow Seeds,
and Seed Dreams together, you and I.  We are an expert Seed grower by nature!  We can remember how to grow other Seeds beside our own.
This is essential.  This is necessary if you and I are to create Peace on Earth.

My intention, is asking you to Join the Enchanted Garden Club is to remember the essentials for growing Peace on Earth.  Gardening, in na Enchanted Garden way, can help us do this.  


Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment,
come as a gift
when you join the Enchanted Garden Club.  These Seeds are recommended
by Mother Earth for you to Plant Your Dream!  Remember the story of Jack
and the Beanstalk?  When plant these seeds and allow them to remind you how to live your life as Seeds are intended to grow,
you will be Super Ripe with Success in your
chosen endeavors.

Some Seeds are free with Membership in the Enchanted Garden Club.
 More and more seeds are being grown
 in the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, where I live with others in San Diego.

If you would like seeds from me,
please write and share about your self.
Tell me your favorite seeds,
and foods you like to eat.  

I would like to send you Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment.
Here is growing information:

I am asking that you too come to see
your self as an Enchanted Gardener,
and begin to grow your
deepest inner Seed Dreams.

 In this world of broken parts that too often does not see wholeness and does not affirm the connection between Soul, Mind, Body, and Feelings, Plant Your Dream and its Gardening Tools for personal growth will give you a way to connect your life to theEnchanted Garden--
a name for our renewed Earth.

I want to thank William Spear, author
of Feng Shui Made Easy,and wife Joanie,
 a great gardener and musician, for their love and sponsorship over the years.  William is teaching here at The Passage, a personal growth workshop he co-leads around the world. I had a growth spurt through attending.

Through Joining the Enchanted Garden Club, we can cultivate an intimate relationship  with plants and other master gardeners,  not only Enchanted Gardeners of plants
but inspirations for growing
your Seed Dreams.

"Let us Make Our Entire Miraculous Planet into an Enchanted Garden"
--Robert Muller to Leslie,
subject of the book Prophet,
former Undersecretary General of the United Nations.

The aim of Enchanted Gardening is to create a more beautiful world
one Seed and Seed Dream at a time.

Actress Jane Seymour, keynote speaker at the Natural Products Expo West -04, the leading Natural Foods Trade Show with Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener.  Jane Seymour has an organic garden at home.  She told me that if you want kids to eat well, teach them to garden.
In joining the Enchanted Garden Club, you will learn more about gardening as well as support Leslie's outreach.

My life is fulfilled as I hear reports of more and more Enchanted Gardeners in the world. Please see the Enchanted
Garden Mission statement.

 If you are interested in the Esoteric
side of my ministry and want a deeper understanding of the spiritual roots behind the Enchanted Garden, please see
is one offering that comes with Joining
the Enchanted Garden Club.

Supporting this

Beloved Friend, California State Senator John Vasconcellos, enjoys the backyard at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community while visiting San Diego. He has been a close ally and support for more than 20 years.

Being a Member of the Enchanted Garden Club is a Natural Birthright.
 It is my aim to serve the Seed
Dreams of various members in this branch of the Club.  Mnay of our members are gardeners of the soil,
others gardeners of the Soul.  All are Enchanted Gardeners.

Thanks for being one of the
members in our branch of the Enchanted Garden Club.

"My Enchanted Friend," writes Mark Victor Hansen, Master Motivator, "I deeply appreciate your seeding our dream to sell millions. I wish the same for you. I hope your touching writings find a ravin' group of ever-lovin' fans."

Your annual investment keeps
me working to grow seeds into a beautiful world.

I am available for Seed Dream
planting and coaching, helping
water what you See and Seed.

Your Membership allows me to
carry out various inspired
Enchanted Garden Campaigns
and Projects as indicated by these Web Sites.  I live my life this way because I do not know of any other way to stay sane in a world that feels too often broken.

"My Enchanted Friend," writes Mark Victor Hansen, Master Motivator, "I deeply appreciate your seeding our dream to sell millions. I wish the same for you. I hope your touching writings find a ravin' group of ever-lovin' fans."

Your Enchanted Garden Club
Membership keeps me writing,
and creating various Products
and Photo Services that are for sale.

You are welcome to visit my web sites.
 I hope they inspire and assist you in becoming one of the World's Greatest Lovers for this Earth.  The Earth is deeply asking that there be more Love in the world.

My writings appear on
Poetry plaques and over the years
in various self-published books.  Through your encouragement, I am looking forward to getting more of them out again.


In Joining the Enchanted Garden Club
you will be offered some of these plaques as gifts. I will put some of them on-line.  You are also offered the opportunity to share these teachings and inspirations with others.

There are times during the year, when
I  teach children and create Enchanted Garden Installations at Conferences
and Expos. As a Sponsor and Member, you services and products
are considered for inclusion in our
public outings.

The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community creates such an Installation at the Pacific Symposium,
an annual conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners held each year in San Diego. My intent at conferences is to create more Enchanted Gardeners in the world.

Through your witness,
through my witness of you,
we are growing
 the Enchanted Garden,

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Sophia's Postage Stamp, an activity  
with the kids at the Natural Products Expo West, '04 Organic flowers at the show
were provided by DeeDee Lindner who works for Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist.  My primary flower sponsor is Blue Pacific Wholesale Florists.  

Leslie Goldman is the Enchanted Gardener, a voice for the rebirth of Mother Earth.  Leslie encourages us to plant ourdreams in harmony with nature.  Do you know a person and project upholding and expressing the Heart and Soul of the Natural Produce
and Products Industry?  

and see:

Would you like some Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment grown
by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted

opened the Natural Products Expo West '04
DeeDee Lindner's organic flowers added a delightful touch to our meeting--Your Enchanted Gardener